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7 in 7: Superman Super-Done!

Superman to stay with Warner Brothers and DC Comics, Fox and Dish settle their tiff over Autohop and five other big copyright stories for the week.

3 Count: Piracy Tax

Belgian court rejects piracy tax for ISPs, Dish and others sue Chinese set top box manufacturers and The Pirate Bay unblocked due to security change.

3 Count: Sling Big

Judge rules in favor of Dish in dispute with Fox over AutoHop and Sling, Costco wins big in lawsuit against Omega and alleged Madonna leaker arrested.

3 Count: Sirius Setback

Sirius loses again in the fight over pre-1972 sound recordings, Fox and Dish put a pause on the AutoHop case and flying cars won't look like X-Wings.

3 Count: Skeptical Circuit

9th Circuit skeptical of Fox's arguments against Dish, Singapore passes new site blocking legislation and Popcorn Time integrates with Chromecast.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 332 – Aereo’s Aftermath

Aereo pauses following Supreme Court ruling, FilmOn, Dish Network and Fox all argue about what it means and much, much more!

3 Count: Aereo’s Aftermath

Aereo pauses after Supreme Court ruling as fallout from it spreads to other case and Malibu Media wins right to look at copyright alert notices of defendant.

3 Count: Infringing Survey

isoHunt asks for a jury trial, TV broadcasters want to know what Dish and Aereo are discussing and a university survey causes a copyright spat.

3 Count: Hopped Over

Fox reups attack against Dish's Hopper, The Pirate Bay gets new hosting providers and Calvin and Hobbes mashup site shuttered over copyright dispute.

3 Count: Mega Silence

Mega shutters a file search engine, Valve sued in Germany over used games and CES drops CNET over Hopper controversy.