Plagiarism in Pop Culture: Lobachevsky

In the 1950s, satirist Tom Lehrer wrote the song Lobachevsky. It's a tale of plagiarism in mathematics. So how well did the academic behind the piano deal with the topic? +

Tom Lehrer: The Public Domain Tango

Tom Lehrer is one of the greatest satirists of all time. However, a recent decision by him also shows he has a gift for copyright.

Hero Forge and the Controversy Over Miniature Copyright

A recent controversy over the Hero Forge terms of service sent shockwaves through the miniature community. Here's what's actually going on.

Why Do Universities Keep Getting Caught Plagiarizing?

Over the past few months, at least three universities have faced allegations of administrator plagiarism. Why is it happening and what can be learned from it?

The Three Types of Plagiarism Analyses

There is more than one type of plagiarism analysis. Different situations require different approaches. Here are the three major types you'll encounter.

Remembering Dr. Tracey Bretag

Yesterday the academic integrity world was saddened to learn about the passing of Dr. Tracey Bretag. Tracey was an amazing academic whose work is critical to the field.

Copyright News

3 Count: Circles

The lawsuit against Post Malone is allowed to continue, UEFA wins site-blocking ruling in Ireland and streaming service Quibi to shutter.

3 Count: DMCA Bloodbath

Twitch streamers get another huge round of DMCA notices, Clive Parker/Dee Snider case continues and YouTube is fighting a proxy war with stream rippers

3 Count: Not Taking It

Cloudflare argues against liability in Thothub case, Philippines piracy remains high as neighbors see drops and Dee Snider has harsh words for Clive Palmer.

3 Count: Canadian Supreme

Canadian Supreme Court to hear Access Copyright case, Katy Perry case heads to the Ninth Circuit and John Fogerty C&Ds the Trump campaign.

3 Count: False Advertising

Freeplay Music hits back at false advertising claims, German copyright bill includes upload filters and Italian court order Cloudflare to block pirate site.

3 Count: Jurisdictional Battles

Stream ripper petitions the Supreme Court on jurisdictional issues, Clive Palmer trial to go ahead as planned and Smart TVs raise privacy and piracy fears.

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