Should Plagiarism Prevent Someone From Becoming a Lawyer?

Oluwaseun Itunu Olowolafe's journey to becoming a lawyer was not a typical one as plagiarism incidents made it an 8-year journey from graduate to attorney.

Copyright in 2020 (And Beyond)

As 2019 rolled over into 2020, copyright found itself at something of a crossroads, with new trends coming to a head and old ones fading away...

The Battle Over “Baby Yoda”

As Baby Yoda has captured the hearts of the world, fans have taken to creating and celling their own merch as Disney has held back theirs until May.

Copyright, Royalties and Christmas Music

Christmas songs are big businesses, but the recurring Christmas hit is still fairly new. Here's how it got started and who is earning the money from it.

Copyright News

3 Count: Audible Settlement

3 Count: Tech Support

Google gets support from tech industry in fight with Oracle, YouTubers threatened with copyright strikes and experts support Katy Perry in Dark Horse case.

3 Count: MTA Away

MTA targets Etsy seller that makes subway maps, Supreme argues its camo print is a fair use and teachers in Canada have some significant homework...

3 Count: Cloudflare Battles

Cloudflare is facing lawsuits in both the U.S. and Japan and Chinese court rules that AI-created work qualifies for copyright protection.

3 Count: Antique Maps

Google files brief with the Supreme Court in Oracle case, mapmaker sues Netflix over film and Prince wins case over YouTube concert videos.

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