Guest Post: How to Obtain Music Performance Rights Licensing

This is a guest post written by Susan Fontaine Godwin at Christian Copyright Solutions. If you would like to submit a guest post to...

Plagiarism in Pop Culture – Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Part 2)

Detective Goren batted multiple plagiarists in his time on TV, however, this was with a plagiarist based on Jayson Blair, the famous NY Times plagiarist.

Copyright and the Rocky Horror Picture Show

As The Rocky Horror Picture Show heads to a reboot, what do we know about the copyright and licensing for the film and its songs?

Plagiarism in Pop Culture – Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Part 1)

Law & Order is one of the best-known police procedurals, but what happens when their Criminal Intent series tackles a plagiarist?

3 Count

3 Count: Beaming Away

3 Count: Virtual Piracy

Google/Oracle case goes to the jury after closing arguments, Australian government denies copyright changes and Oculus DRM broken in a day.

3 Count: Hungarian Rock

Kanye West sued for alleged infringement by Hungarian musician, Australian authors express concern over proposals and Hi Score Girl to go back on sale.

3 Count: Wrapping Up

Google/Oracle case goes to the jury, Fox accidentally takes down clips it use in Family Guy and Nintendo targets Super Mario-themed Minecraft videos.

Podcast & Video


YouTube, Plagiarism and a Maturing Medium

Following the Matthew Santoro plagiarism scandal, many are wondering why YouTube started caring about attribution now. The reasons are good for the site.

Update on the Matthew Santoro Plagiarism Scandal

The Matthew Santoro plagiarism scandal keeps getting deeper as Santoro has been making things worse for himself with false attribution and no apologies.

The Matthew Santoro Plagiarism Scandal

YouTuber Matthew Santoro, famous for his list videos, has been accused of plagiarism in several of his videos. What does this mean for Santoro or YouTube?

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