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Buzzfeed and the Perils of Fighting Plagiarism

Buzzfeed fired reporter Ryan Broderick over multiple counts of plagiarism. So why does Buzzfeed get punished for doing the right thing?
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U.S. Copyright Office Creates New Registration Process for Online Authors

The U.S. Copyright Office has announced a new registration process that aims to help bloggers and other online authors.
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Fixing Academic Cheating in the Age of Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus forced schools to move online, many are reporting a significant rise in cheating. Here's what's needed to address that issue.
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UK University Students’ Union Accused of Plagiarizing Black Lives Matter Message

The CEO of University of Lincoln Students' Union is accused of plagiarizing much of his apology to black students, drawing calls for his resignation.

Copyright News

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3 Count: Amazon Prime Lawsuit

Amazon sued over films streamed on Prime Video, California police use copyright to block access to documents and fake Instagram copyright notices circulate.
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3 Count: On Trax

Trax Records sued over unpaid royalties, Nardo Ranks sues HoodCelebrityy and Stan Lee's daughter sanctioned over attempt to reclaim her father's rights.
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3 Count: Embedding Redo

Judge reopens Instagram embedding case, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle estate sues Netflix and more on the Internet Archive lawsuit.
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3 Count: Twitter Ban

1: Twitter Permanently Bans Pro-Trump Meme Creator Carpe Donktum for Repeated Copyright Violations
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