How Facebook Could Change Ad Blocking

Facebook recently announced it would start forcing ads on ad blockers. This is an escalation in the ad blocking wars the likes of which we haven't seen.

How to Use an Writing Cleanroom to Avoid Plagiarism

A writing cleanroom is the easiest and most effective way to avoid plagiarism in your work. Best of all, it's the easiest way to write, period.
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Debunking the Accidental Plagiarism Excuse

Plagiarists, when caught, often claim that their plagiarism was an accidental. But there's a differences between accidental plagiarism and negligence.

Plagiarism In Pop Culture: Mystery Science Theater 3000

When plagiarism visited the Satellite of Love, Mike and the bots responded pretty much exactly how you would expect them to.

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3 Count: Third Appeal

Oracle asks for yet another third trial in case vs. Google, lawyers in Happy Birthday lawsuit get $4.62 million in fees and more!

3 Count: Tweet This

Take-Two goes for the knockout in tattoo case, fabric company sues T.J. Maxx for infringement and Blockai integrates with Twitter.

3 Count: Pokemon Stop

Universal Music reaches settlement over in-flight music, Indian court orders YouTube expedite its removal process and Nintendo shutters another fan game.

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H3H3 Lawsuit Update: Defamation Claims

We have more updates in the H3H3 lawsuit as we have a new complaint, one that adds a new claim and the motion of dismiss is, well, dismissed.

Explaining the Oracle v. Google Case

The Oracle v. Google case is still ongoing, but here's a quick rundown of how the case came about, what the ruling was and why it's important.

Plagiarism Today on Dr. Drew HLN

As the Melania Trump story was still unfolding, I found myself on Dr. Drew's show on CNN's HLN. It was a great ending to a very long and tiring day.

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