The Weaponization of Plagiarism

Though plagiarism has always been somewhat misused, over the past year we've seen a rapid weaponization of plagiarism and that has hurt everyone involved.

Plagiarism in Pop Culture: Fresh off the Boat

In this episode of Fresh off the Boat, when East Orlando High failed to get the rights to Rent, they create their own version, Brent, and pay dearly.

The Emma Cline Plagiarism Debacle

Emma Cline may have one of the most successful books in recent memory, but her celebration is being tempered by a lawsuit and allegations of plagiarism.

When Do We Let Plagiarism Go?

Ben Domenech is back in the headlines again, but a decade after his plagiarism scandal we have to ask the question, when, if ever, do we let him move on?

3 Count

3 Count: Purple Lawsuit

Prince's estate files lawsuit against YouTuber, two Indian sites sued for unlawful film sharing and Hong Kong companies seek site blocking in Australia.

3 Count: One Fish, Sue Fish

Dr. Suess estate's lawsuit against Star Trek mashup book lives on, Brazilian court orders YouTuber to pay for teaching piracy and paper company sues Walmart

3 Count: Importing Morals

Big Pimpin' lawsuit heard before the Ninth Circuit, newsletter publishers wins big in trial over email forwarding and Kohler sues over faucet images.

Podcast & Video

Are Let’s Plays Legal?

The recent copyright dispute involving PewDiePie has raised a serious question about the legality of Let's Play videos. So let's dive into it.

PewDiePie and the False DMCA

When Campo Santo filed a DMCA notice against PewDiePie, it didn't raise questions about the legality of Let's Plays, but their own license.

Why Night of the Living Dead is Public Domain

Night of the Living Dead, the seminal modern zombie flick is in the public domain. The reason why is a bizarre one but well worth exploring.

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