YouTube Rolling Out Copyright Match

YouTube's Copyright Match system is exiting beta this week. However, we also learn some new information that may limit its usefulness.

Plagiarism in Pop Culture: Instinct

Instinct faced serious allegations of plagiarism in its third episode. This makes it interesting that, in episode 10, the story focuses on an plagiarist.

Breaking Down the New EU Copyright Bill: Article 13

With the controversy surrounding the new EU Copyright Directive, one article has received the lion's share of attention: Article 13. Whether it's being called a...

Breaking Down the New EU Copyright Bill: Article 11

The new EU Copyright Directive has been generating a great deal of controversy. Here we look at the bill itself and break down what's in Article 11.

3 Count

3 Count: Not-So World Cup

FIFA preparing to take action over illegal World Cup streaming in the Middle East, judge allows lawsuit over Melania Trump photos to move forward and more!

3 Count: 2 Appeals, 2 Denials

Robin Thicke denied a new appeal in the 9th Circuit, Who's Holidiay wins big in the 2nd Circuit and Chard Harbach wins big in his case.

3 Count: 1977 Blues

Ninth Circuit rules that most artists won't see royalties after their work is resold, Denmark strikes a blow against stream ripping and USPS goofed.

3 Count: EU Rejection

EU Parliament votes down controversial Copyright Directive, Appeals Court rules Kim Dotcom can be extradited and US Supreme Court to rule on registrations.

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