An Open Letter to Anas Abdin

Anis Abdin has appealed the Star Trek: Discovery lawsuit. However, this is to the detriment of his own work and his reputation as a creator.

Revisiting Don’t Download This Song by Weird Al

In 2006 parody master Weird Al Yankovic released Don't Download This Song, his take on anti-piracy PSAs. How does it hold up in 2019?

Copyright in Pop Culture: Star Trek: Voyager

What happens when an artificial intellegence creates its own art without human intervention? Star Trek Voyager asked that almost 20 years ago.

When Professors Plagiarize

The story of Christine Roth has just about everything that you could want out of any drama....

3 Count

3 Count: Dark Horse Rides Again

Katy Perry and others file appeal in Dark Horse case, the Conservative Party in Canada sued over moral rights, and meme creator suspended from Twitter.

3 Count: Good Grief

Dollywood sued over using music from the Charlie Brown Christmas special, Chicago Cubs sued again over ivy souvenir and Adobe pulls out of Venezuela.

3 Count: Cheating Settlement

Alleged Fortnite cheater settles with Epic Games, Texas bar sued over infringing music and beIN chief warns about piracy threat to sports licensing.

3 Count: Floor Plan

Jennifer Lopez sued by photo agency over Instagram story, judge tosses lawsuit over Showtime show Billions and floorplan firm loses must pay attorneys fees.

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