7 Ways the Contract Cheating Industry is Exploitative

No one expects the contract cheating industry to be a paragon of ethics, but essay mills are far more exploitative and unethical than you might know.

Facebook Introduces Rights Manager for Images

Facebook has announced an expansion of its Rights Manager tool to include images. While a welcome move, there's still reason to temper any enthusiasm.

Plagiarism and Surviving the Career Death Penalty

Many describe plagiarism as a "capital offense" for one's career. But if that's true, why do so many plagiarists survive and how can you make it through the storm?

The Truth About Facebook’s New Music Policy

Facebook recently announced a new policy that covers "music listening experiences". However, their clarification seems to have done more harm than good.

Comic Artist Greg Land Accused of Plagiarism (Again)

Famed comic artist Greg Land faces yet another allegation of plagiarism, but this time it comes from a fellow artist and not the comic community.

When The Virtual Course IS the Plagiarism

Online education is may be a part of the new normal for many students, but a controversy at the North Carolina Virtual Public Schools is raising new questions.

Copyright News

3 Count: Emoji Battle

Apple accused of emoji copyright infringement, YouTube hits back at class action lawsuit and Enola Holmes lawsuit continues even as the film debuts.

3 Count: New Register of Copyrights

U.S. Copyright Office announces new Register of Copyrights, Senate IP subcommittee holds hearing on DMCA reform and Nintendo removes porn parody video game.

3 Count: Banksy’s Copyright

Banksy fails in bid to trademark iconic image, BeIN drops German soccer due to piracy concerns and Spinal Tap creators settle with movie studio.

3 Count: Baby Can I Sue You

Judge rules in favor of Nicki Minaj in Tracy Chapman dispute, Texans QB sued over Instagram image and various Pirate Bay domains up for auction.

3 Count: Game of Life

The 1st Circuit to determine the future of The Game of Life, Canadian couple faces charges in IPTV operation and Facebook Gaming announces new licensing deals.

3 Count: EU Consulation

EU still fighting over Article 17, Negoations are ongoing over Aboriginal Flag and HuffPost gets a fair use victory.

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Popular Posts

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