The Boris Johnson Plagiarism Scandal

As the UK heads into its most important election in decades, the country's Prime Minister faces allegations that he plagiarized a series of tweets.

Plagiarism Claims Dismissed Against UCCS Professor

A professor at UCCS faced allegations of plagiarism in an expert report. However, when the school decided not to investigate, new questions were raised.

Using an AI to Spot AI Writing

A new Google Chrome extension makes it easy to detect works written by the GPT-2 AI. But how effective is it and what does it mean for the future?

You Wouldn’t Plagiarize an Airport

Allegations of plagiarism can get pretty wild, but what happens when the alleged plagiarism involves not a report, a book or a film, but an airport?

Copyright News

3 Count: 99 Problems

3 Count: Genius Lawsuit

Genius files a lawsuit against Google and LyricFind over allgedly scraped lyrics, Spinal Tap case moves forward against film studio and more!

3 Count: Double Down

SCOTUS hears case over Georgia annotated code, photographer doubles down on embedded tweets and 30K pirate domains seized.

3 Count: Georgia Law

Case over Georgia's legal code goes to the Supreme Court, Appeals Court rules dentist's photos are copyrightable and Marc Jacobs countersues Nirvana.

3 Count: What Cox Knew

Judge rules Cox was awarae of piracy on its network, French newspapers launch offensive against Google and Pink Floyd guitarist in renewed copyright fight.

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