Plagiarism, Attribution and Fair Use

When it comes to fair use, none of the factors ask about attribution. However, it's still going to be difficult to argue that a plagiarism is a fair use.

What Facebook Gets Wrong About Revenge Porn

Facebook announced a new pilot program to fight revenge porn. But, while the approach is novel and the tech great, it fails to treat victims with humanity.

Asset Flipping: The Ethics of Reuse in Video Games

The lawsuit against video game commentator Jim Sterling drew a lot of attention, but, outside of Steam, little is still understood about asset flipping.

The Bitter War Between Photographers and News Organizations

CBS is suing a photographer for using a still image from a decades-old TV show in his social media. The reason: He sued them first.

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3 Count: Burn Baby Burn

New South Wales sued over unpaid license fees, Tickbox power couple profiled and UK charity warns of fire hazards from unauthorized streaming boxes.

3 Count: Pirates of Pirates of the Caribbean

Filmmakers accuse Disney of stealing Pirates of the Caribbean, U.S. Copyright Office proposes to extend auto DRM exemptions and candy maker sued over fonts.

3 Count: Just One More Thing…

Columbo creators sue over unpaid royalties, Japanese video game company successfully sues Chines cracking group and YouTube partners with Ticketmaster.

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Are Let’s Plays Legal?

The recent copyright dispute involving PewDiePie has raised a serious question about the legality of Let's Play videos. So let's dive into it.

PewDiePie and the False DMCA

When Campo Santo filed a DMCA notice against PewDiePie, it didn't raise questions about the legality of Let's Plays, but their own license.

Why Night of the Living Dead is Public Domain

Night of the Living Dead, the seminal modern zombie flick is in the public domain. The reason why is a bizarre one but well worth exploring.

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