Copyright and Commissioned Art

Many artists love commissions because they provide a good stream of stable revenue, but they are also a minefield both legally and professionally.

Retrospective: 30 Years Since Milli Vanilli

30 years ago, in the summer of 1989, Milli Vanilli was one of the most important musical...

Crime Junkie: From Top Podcast to Plagiarism Pariah

Crime Junkie recently found itself at the center of a major plagiarism scandal. Here we take a look at what happened and what it means for podcasting.

Plagiarism in Pop Culture: King of the Hill (Part 2)

As we've seen throughout this series, it is not uncommon for film and television writers to turn...

3 Count

3 Count: Banana Battle

Third Circuit upholds injunction in banana costume case, Nintendo gets Switch pirate sites blocked in UK and US Congresspeople query YouTube on Content ID

3 Count: Fyre on Fire

Netflix's Fyre doc hit with another copyright lawsuit, 2nd Circuit upholds fair use ruling in Party and Bullshit case and Mercedes calls artists desperate.

3 Count: Union Battle

Friday the 13th copyright termination case takes another turn, Weibo removes Instagram app over plagiarized icon and Facebook blocks sharing pirate links.

3 Count: Audible Delay

Audible delays implementing captioning feature, TweakBox removes several movie streaming apps and KSI/Logan Paul won't stream next fight on YouTube.

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