Creating a Fake Plagiarism Story

Creating a fake plagiarism scandal is easy. All you have to do is see patterns where none exist. I'll do it with Star Trek and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

How the EU Came to Govern the Internet

May 25, 2018 was something of a milestone for the internet. Countless sites and companies scrambled to...

Understanding the Star Trek: Discovery Plagiarism Allegations

A recent lawsuit accuses CBS of plagiarizing elements of Star Trek: Discovery. Here's why the lawsuit has very little chance of success.

Plagiarism in Pop Culture: Elementary

A recent epiosode of the TV show Elementary dealt with sex dolls and teleportation, but the real motive was something a bit more basic: Plagiarism.

3 Count

3 Count: Un-Rapidshare

Rogers wins right to charge for tracking down pirates, Rapidshare founder on trial in Swizterland and photographer sues Netflix for copyright infringement.

3 Count: EU Passage

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: European...

3 Count: EU Part 2

EU Parliament set to vote again on copyright reforms, Prince estate targets European bootleggers and ABA files amicus brief with the Supreme Court.

3 Count: Legal Cobbler

Ninth Circuit upholds attorneys fees in BitTorrent piracy case, YouTube boxing match leads to multiple takedowns and a lawsuit over Star Trek: Discovery.

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