Plagiarism in Pop Culture: The Goldbergs (Part Two)

Two years ago, The Goldbergs featured one of the best and most entertaining examples of plagiarism in pop culture. Can it repeat the trick?

Why Siraj Raval’s Plagiarism is the Future of Plagiarism

Futurist and tech influencer Siraj Raval is caught up in a plagiarism scandal. However, he's more likely to harm his industries than himself.

An Open Letter to Anas Abdin

Anis Abdin has appealed the Star Trek: Discovery lawsuit. However, this is to the detriment of his own work and his reputation as a creator.

Revisiting Don’t Download This Song by Weird Al

In 2006 parody master Weird Al Yankovic released Don't Download This Song, his take on anti-piracy PSAs. How does it hold up in 2019?

3 Count

3 Count: Pirate CDN

Juice WRLD sued over Lucid Dreams, pirate CDN shut down by anti-piracy groups and rapper Chuck D sues over missing royalties.

3 Count: Lizzo’s Tiff

Lizzo faces allegations of plagiarism and copyright infringement, 9th Circuit throws Pandora a lifeline in pre-1972 music case and NMPA targets TikTok.

3 Count: YouTube Troll

YouTube reaches settlement with copyright troll, France seeks EU tech regulator after Google dispute and MPAA lawsuit put on hold again.

3 Count: Dark Horse Rides Again

Katy Perry and others file appeal in Dark Horse case, the Conservative Party in Canada sued over moral rights, and meme creator suspended from Twitter.

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