Plagiarism in Pop Culture: The Goldbergs

In a recent episode of The Goldbergs, Adam finds himself being accused of plagiarism due to Pops false war stories. Here's what happened next.

Guest Post: The NFL Allows Churches To Show Regular Season Football Games

If your church wishes to show NFL games, it's important to understand the rules that the NFL has laid out for when and how you can show them.

What Does ‘Tangible’ Mean in Copyright?

For a work to enjoy copyright protection, it must be fixed into a tangible medium of expression. But what does tangible mean in the 21st century?

5 Uncomfortable Truths About Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a difficult and complex subject, but before we can make headway on it, there are some uneasy truths we must understand and accept.

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3 Count: Tick Tock Box

Film studios team with Amazon and Netflix to sue Tickbox, Epic Games sues two alleged Fortnite cheaters and Aboriginal artist's estate gets rights back.

3 Count: Bankruptcy Battle

Bankruptcy court denies protection to distributor of pirate hardware, Cloudflare CEO faces tough deposition on piracy policy and more!

3 Count: Skeptical Appealing

9th Circuit judges skeptical of Thicke and Williams in Blurred Lines appeal, academic publishers sue ResearchGate and homeowners brawl over copycat house.

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Are Let’s Plays Legal?

The recent copyright dispute involving PewDiePie has raised a serious question about the legality of Let's Play videos. So let's dive into it.

PewDiePie and the False DMCA

When Campo Santo filed a DMCA notice against PewDiePie, it didn't raise questions about the legality of Let's Plays, but their own license.

Why Night of the Living Dead is Public Domain

Night of the Living Dead, the seminal modern zombie flick is in the public domain. The reason why is a bizarre one but well worth exploring.

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