Exploring the Gray Area of Plagiarism

While plagiarism's gray areas aren't as large as some claim, they are still an important point to discuss and, if at all possible, avoid.

5 Important Copyright Questions Before U.S. Courts

Copyright is an ever-changing landscape, here are five cases to watch if you're interested in public domain, pre-1972 sound recordings and more!

3 Copyright Abuses That Harm Creators

While copyright abuse is not as serious of a problem as some would lead you to believe, it is a problem and it's one that harms creators too.

3 Areas of Focus for Plagiarism Education

With the return to school I've been focusing heavily on academic plagiarism. We've looked at the accidental plagiarism excuse, discussed how to use a...

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3 Count: Expensive Street

Rimini Street ordered to pay $74 million to Oracle, UK lawmakers warn of unintended consequences and Kenyan photographer accuses Chris Brown of infringement.

3 Count: OWN Battles

Oprah Winfrey networks sued over alleged show theft, Germany museum wins case against wikipedia uploader and MPAA reports or its notorious markets.

3 Count: Who’s on Second

Second Circuit tosses Who's on First lawsuit was well as Made in America lawsuit and telenovela that inspired Jane the Virgin remains in RCTV hands.

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When Public Domain is Not Public Domain

Imagine being hit with a threat for your own photograph. Now, imagine you had dedicated that image to the public domain. That's what happened to one photog.

Understanding Copyright on YouTube

YouTube's copyright system is both complicated and convoluted, but here's a short breakdown of how it works and how to work within it.

Lewis Bond Lawsuit Dismissedzaurfzafqfdsaezcqdv

One of the key YouTube lawsuits has been dismissed as composer Wendy Carlos has voluntarily dismissed her lawsuit against YouTuber Lewis Bond.

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