The IGN Plagiarism Scandal

A recemt plagairism scandal at IGN was as quick as it was unsual. However, it has major implications for both IGN and video game journalism at large.

How a Reverse Copyright Filled the Library of Alexandria

The Library of Alexandria may be best known for burning, but it was a massive repository of knowledge, much of it collected through unusual means...

Code-Switching and Citation

In August 2010, the New York Times published a piece entitled "Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age". The article, written by Trip Gabriel, looked...

The Rise of Board Game Plagiarism

Battles over board game plagiarism are becoming red hot, here's a look at why they are becoming coming and what can be done to stop them.

3 Count

3 Count: New, Used Games

Bethesda orders removal of sealed game from Amazon, BREIN secures closure of Kodi repository and karaoke pirate gets suspended sentence.

3 Count: One Size Fits None

Ninth Circuit overturns judgment on attorneys fees in BitTorrentt case, EmuParadise stops ROM downloads and new study show P2P still going strong.

3 Count: Student Project

EU's highest court holds German school liable in battle with photographer, lawsuit against Fortnite cheater moves forward and piracy on decline in Australia.

3 Count: Drowning in PDFs

9th Circuit revives lawsuit over the Empire TV show, record labels file lawsuits against more YouTube ripping sites and OceansofPDFs goes down.

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