How to Legally Play Music in Your Business

Many businesses want to play music for their customers or employees. However, doing so legally means taking some time and figuring out your needs.

Plagiarism, Fabrication and a Mummy

At Michigan State University, a 500-year-old mummy has spaked a plagiarism controversy that pits two researchers against one another.

3 Stories of Stupid Plagiarism

There has been a glut of plagiarism news of late. So here are three stories of plagiarists who added an extra twist of dumbness to their stories.

The Michael Bloomberg Plagiarism Scandal

Yesterday, The Intercept pointed out plagiarism in eight of Bloomberg's policy papers. However, the real story isn't the copied text.

Copyright News

3 Count: Oracle’s Aid

DOJ and multiple creators come to Oracle's aid in fight against Google, Apple seeks to toss Servant lawsuit and US Copyright Office to raise fees.

3 Count: Error 451

Photographer sues Facebook for failure to remove infringing images, Cloudflare stops serving German pirate site and two artists battle over similar works.

3 Count: Two-Way Radios

Motorola Solutions wins big in case over trade secrets and source code, Oracle hits back against Google in SCOTUS fight and UMG fire lawsuit gets ugly.

3 Count: Evicting Cybersquatters

Fox News goes after cybersquatters, UK music industry gives government some feedback and judge orders stay in Juice WRLD case.

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