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Plagiarism vs. Independent Creation

In New Zealand, the prominent Parkin Drawing Prize was won this year by artist Poppy Lekner for her work Forward Slash. The...
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10 Ways EU Copyright is Different from the US

Though many talk about "international copyright law" there really is no such thing. Take, for example, these 10 differences between eu and us copyright law.
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How the Wolf of Wolf of Wall Street Helped Create Section 230

There's little doubt that Section 230 is one of the most important laws in terms of its...
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Why Politicians Plagiarize in School

The news this week may sound like Deja Vu. Slovakia's Prime Minister, Igor Matovic, survived a no...

Copyright News

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3 Count: $1 Billion in Piracy

1: Appeals Court Orders Copyright Royalty Board to Reconsider Some of its Decision on...
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3 Count: Seizing Crypto-Assets

YouTuber wins attorney fees after successful defense, German authorities seize Movie2K assets and LazarBeam hit with copyright strike.
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3 Count: Rockin’ the Copyright World

Neil Young files a copyright lawsuit against President Trump's campaign, OnlyFans creator sues sharing site and another Inside Out lawsuit gets tossed.
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3 Count: TuneCore of Round Hill

Round Hill Music sues TuneCore over allegedly unlicensed music, Indian music labels target TikTok clones and Indian youth arrested over YouTube uploads.
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