3 Count: Hopped Over

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1: Fox Blasts Newest Dish Hopper in Court, Wants it Off the Market

First off today, Joe Mullin at Ars Technica reports that Fox has launched a courtroom counter attack against Dish Network’s Hopper DVR saying that the 2013 version is a violation of copyright and should be blocked by an injunction.

Fox and other TV networks previously sued Dish over the earlier version of Hopper, which is a DVR that allows consumers to easily skip over commercials, but were denied an injunction against it. However, the new version adds a feature called “Sling” that makes TV content available on mobile devices, which Fox says creates a new infringement that warrants an injunction.

The first injunction request is on appeal but its denial in the lower court makes this one less likely to succeed. Still, the addition of the Sling feature gives Fox and other TV networks a reason to be hopeful.

2: The Pirate Bay Departs Sweden And Sets Sail For Norway and Spain

Next up today, Enigmax at Torrentfreak writes that The Pirate Bay has changed its hosting setup after the Swedish Pirate Party, which had been providing at least some of the site’s bandwidth, was threatened with legal action if it continued to do so.

The Swedish Pirate Party, following legal threats from the anti-piracy group Rights Alliance, has turned over its hosting services to the site to sister parties in Norway and Catalunya (an autonomous region in Spain).

Though Norway’s legal climate is not particularly favorable to hosting the site, Spain is seen as having laws that make it a welcome place for file sharing sites. In the meantime, the Swedish Pirate Party has said that it may file a police complaint against the Rights Allaince for “unlawful coercion.”

3: ‘Real Calvin and Hobbes’ Mashups Killed by Copyright Claim

Finally today, Sam Laird at Mashable writes that the popular Tumblr “Real Calvin and Hobbes” has been shuttered by a copyright complaint from the comic strip’s original author, Bill Watterson and his publishers.

Calvin and Hobbes was a popular comic strip and the Tumblr’s artist, Michael Den Beste, superimposed images of the compic’s iconic characters on real photographs. Though Beste believed he was within the bounds of copyright, Tumblr received a copyright notice that forced all of the artwork to be removed.

Beste, who was in the process of creating the next round of works, has said that he is going to “proceed with extreme caution” but hopes that he is able to continue the series.


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