Content Removal Policy

To be clear, Plagiarism Today does not remove articles from this site. Any content “removed” via this policy will remain available via direct link and search on this site. This policy solely deals with the de-indexing of articles from the major search engines via meta tags.

For a story to be considered for such de-indexing, several conditions must be met. 

  1. We will not remove any articles where we have received advice from an attorney to not remove it. We will not go against legal counsel.
  2. The article in question must be at least two years old.
  3. There must be no ongoing interest or relevance in the article. This is determined by examining traffic statistics related to the article over the previous 6 months.
  4. If the subject was accused of plagiarism with credibility, they need to provide proof either that they have moved into a new and unrelated field or have a good track record of work since the story was published.

Please bear in mind that all this process does is have us add tags to discourage indexing by search engines. We cannot control whether the search engines ignore those tags (though none of the major ones currently do) or if the story is found other ways. 

We also make no guarantees that errors (human or computer) will not result in the story reappearing in indexes. If that does happen, please reach out and we will do our best to rectify it. 

Removal is also not a guarantee against any future coverage. Should the same person be involved in another plagiarism or copyright-related story that this site would ordinarily discuss, it will be covered, and the previous story will be re-indexed. 

In short, though we will make every effort to de-index stories that meet these criteria and are approved, we make no promises or guarantees that the process will work or be permanent.

To apply for removal. Simply reach out using the Contact Page. Please be patient as it may take time to process each case. 

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