7 in 7: Superman Super-Done!

And the Fox/Dish case just hops away...

superman-299-sizedAs I mentioned last week, the podcast is going to move to a more irregular schedule to better fit with the frantic work schedules of Evan and myself. However, that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on weekly audiovisual content.

When the podcast was on hiatus and seeking a new cohost, I launched a briefly-lived but generally well-received vlog series entitled 7-in-7, that features seven copyright stories covered in under 7 minutes.

Now we are bringing that back as a weekly column!

With timer in hand I work frantically to cover the basics of the week’s copyright news in the time it takes most people to get a light snack. Did I succeed or is the rust showing from the weeks away. You’ll have to watch to find out.

This week’s stories include:

  1. Warner Brothers Gets Key Win in Superman Rights Battle
  2. Fox and Dish Settle the AutoHop Dispute
  3. Dallas Buyers Club LLC Abandons Campaign in Australia
  4. Cassandra Claire Sued Over Alleged Plagiarism in Shadowhunters
  5. PC Game Cracking Group Decides to Go On a Year’s Hiatus
  6. The Pirate Bay Enables Torrents Time, Begins Streaming Video
  7. PayPal Blocks VPN Provider

You can find the full show notes here and, if you’re interested in an audio version, let me know and I’ll begin creating them for the next edition.

In the meantime, I’d really appreciate your feedback on this format and any suggestions or advice you have to help make it great. I want to begin investing more energy into YouTube, starting with this and then possibly expanding into Q and As and other videos.

Have a great weekend and I will see everyone on Monday!

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