Stop Internet Plagiarism

Stopping Internet Plagiarism may seem to be a daunting challenge at first, however, the process is extremely simple and can be broken down into a series of steps.

Below are the six steps to detecting and stopping misuse of your content on the Web:

  1. How to Find Plagiarism – How to detect plagiarism in nearly all content types.
  2. Contacting a Plagiarist – An overview of how to contact an infringer.
  3. Finding the Host – Information on how to find the host of any Web site.
  4. Contacting the Host – How to contact the host and get infringing content removed.
  5. When All Else Fails – What to do when the other approaches don’t work.
  6. The Long Haul – How to develop a long-term content protection strategy.

In addition to those articles, you may be interested in the following general articles about copyright:

  1. What is a Copyright? – The very basics of copyright.
  2. Limitations of Copyright – What copyright can’t do or protect.
  3. Copyright Myths – Various myths and misunderstandings about copyright.

If you wish to hire someone to help you through this process, either on a long-term basis or to help guide you through it the first few times, please take a look at my consulting site and see if I can be of service.

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