Plagiarism Today (PT) is a site targeted at Webmasters and copyright holders regarding the issue of plagiarism online. Though it deals with many legal issues, in particular the DMCA and copyright law, it is not a legal blog and is, instead, a blog regarding a societal ill the effects may never be fully understood or comprehended.

The goals of this site are as follow:

  1. To increase awareness, both among copyright holders and the media, regarding the prevalence of plagiarism on the Web,
  2. To inform copyright holders of their rights on line and encourage them to protect those rights in a responsible manner,
  3. To aid Webmasters and others who wish to reuse other works in doing so without fear of being dubbed a plagiarist,
  4. To create a community where copyright holders can work together and support one another in dealing with this issue,
  5. To give tools to copyright holders that enable them to more efficiently and more easily protect their rights,
  6. To reduce the overall rate of plagiarism by shining a very bright light on what previously has been the Web’s very dark secret,
  7. To bring about legal reforms that benefit all copyright holders, not just those with deep pockets, and create a fair balance between the rights of ownership for the copyright holder and society’s need to have a free and open culture.

Achieving these goals will not be easy and none of them can be taken lightly. However, it is our sincere hope that, with support from readers like yourself, they are all attainable.

Because, in the end, this battle will not come down to the actions of a few people, but the direction society at large chooses to follow. Though a few determined individuals can change the course of history, it is no trivial thing and we must all be prepared to fight the fight.

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