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3 Count: Let it Go

Filmmakers sues makers of Nightcrawler, lawsuit over Disney's Frozen gets dropped and last defendant in Anonymous anti-copyright attacks sentenced.

3 Count: Animated Case

Canadian animator wins 20-year battle over Robinson Sucroe, 3 BitTorrent trackers offline due to DDOS attacks and duck exhibition in more trouble.

3 Count: False Flag

Obama administration asks SCOTUS to uphold Jammie Thomas ruling, What.cd down after DDOS and The Pirate Bay threatens Finnish anti-piracy group with infringement suit.

3 Count: Copyrighted Memes

Apple liable in China over illegal App Store app, Demonoid's tracker is working again and can memes get you in copyright trouble?

3 Count: Curiosity Killed…

Ukraine seizes Demonoid servers, Curiosity landing video removed from YouTube and Google may be on the hook for $2 billion in book search case.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 247 – DDOS Loss

Demonoid down due to a DDOS, Megaupload and Google seek dismissals in their cases and Ghost Rider teams up with Silver Surfer against Marvel (kind of)

3 Count: And It’s Gone…

Demonoid still down following DDOS, Kim Dotcom seeks dismissal of charges against Megaupload and Google seeks dismissal of Book Search case.

3 Count: Bay Doors Closed

Jury gets Google/Oracle patent case, The Pirate Bay is under a DDOS and plagiarism scandals in Romania force two resignations.

3 Count: Moving Forward

Poland to sign ACTA despite protests, major Indian film threatened by lawsuit and opera houses say Supreme Court ruling to be of little concern.

3 Count: Changing Winds

Cyberlocker sites close, change in wake of Megaupload arrests, Poland sees attacks from Anonymous over ACTA and another NinjaVideo admin sentenced.