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1: Poland Set to Sign Copyright Treaty, Despite Protests

First off today, Poland has announced that it plans to go ahead with its schedule signing of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) despite protests and even denial of service attacks against many of its key government sites. The treaty, which primarily targets counterfeit goods but also deals with some copyright issues, is designed to harmonize criminal and civil enfrocement across signing countries. According to government representatives, the treaty does not require any changes in existing Polish law and, as such, there is no reason to delay signing past Thursday’s planned ceremony. Anonymous, who is behind many of the attacks, has threatened to release government documents if the treaty is signed.

2: ‘Agneepath’ in copyright tussle!

Next up today, in India, the upcoming release of the movie Agneepath may be moving forward without one of its most-anticipated songs. A lawsuit filed by Aditya Salankar claims that the song “Oh Saiyya” is a direct copy of a song he composed and is seeking to halt the use of the song in the film as well as additional damages. The movie, which is a remake of a popular Hindi film from 1990, has been widely anticipated in the country.

3: Supreme Court Decision on Copyright May Not Injure Major Opera Companies, Symphonies

Finally today, according to a report on a St. Louis-area opera company, the recent Supreme Court ruling in the case Golan v. Holder will not have a drastic impact on opera and symphony performances. The case found that Congress acted constitutionally when it passed the Uruguay Round Agreement Act and re-copyrighted a series of works previously in the public domain. The case was brought by a group of librarians, performers and others who depended on public domain works for their living. However, according to at least one opera house, the difference the ruling will cause will, most likely, add some costs but “not substantially” adding that they have never chosen which opera to perform based on whether royalties are owed or not.


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