3 Count: And It’s Gone…

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1: Demonoid Hit by DDoS Attack

First off today, Demonoid, one of the largest Bittorrent trackers, is down and likely will be for an extended period of time following a DDOS attack that also appears to have damaged their serverl. According to Demonoid’s admin, the attack started as a DDOS but caused a “series of problems” that will likely keep the site offline as he is the only one working on technical issues for the site. The DDOS began approximately two days ago and the site is still down.

2: Defense Seeks to toss Dotcom Megaupload Piracy Case

Next up today, in the US Kim Dotcom’s attorneys are seeking to have the US charges against him dismissed, alleging that, since Megaupload is a foreign corporation and can not be served criminal papers, that the case is dead. However, Federal prosecutors are alleging that, if Megaupload’s arguments are upheld, that foreign corporations would be able to commit crimes in the U.S. with immunity. Kim Dotcom, however, is charged separately from his company, meaning that even if the charges against Megaupload are dismissed, the ones against him personally would likely continue.

3: Google Urges End to Authors’ Digital Book Lawsuit

Finally today, Google, in its case around Google Book Search, is seeking the dismissal of the claims by the Authors’ Guild alleging that the authors have not proved any financial harm or any infringement. The Authors’ Guild, along with the Publishers’ Guild, sued Google over Google Book Search claiming that Google’s scanning and indexing of millions of in-copyright books was a violation of their rights. The two sides had worked out a settlement that was rejected by the courts last year due to it being overly broad. However, the two sides are now fully litigating the case, which was recently granted class action status, prompting Google to push for the dismissal.


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