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3 Count: Oregon Trail

Oregon and Oracle trade blows in copyright infringement battle, Copyright Alert System extended four months and Australia sees drop in piracy rates.

3 Count: Swift Turnaround

Australian survey shines light on piracy down under, uTorrent blocked by Google and others and Taylor Swift backs off controversial photog agreement.

The Big Business of Cyberlockers

According to a new study, cyberlockers turn piracy into big business, earning their owners millions of dollars per year in profit.

3 Count: State By State

Torrentshack returns after a backup is restored on a different domain, another battle over sampling in rap and study examines states' piracy habits.

New Turnitin Study on the Impact of Plagiarism Detection in Higher...

Turnitin has released a follow up to its study on plagiarism detection in high schools, the results are remarkable both in impact and similarity.

3 Count: Grand Theft Takedown

Authors Guild asks court to ignore fair use in book search case, new study shows piracy still rising and Rockstar Games clarifies GTA5 YouTube policy.

3 Count: Infringing Survey

isoHunt asks for a jury trial, TV broadcasters want to know what Dish and Aereo are discussing and a university survey causes a copyright spat.

3 Count: I’m Back Baby

Hunter Moore hit with $250k defamation judgment, Ofcom releases new copyright survey and the new Oz movie creates interesting copyright questions.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 261 – Indieconf Ahoy!

AutoHop lives to hop another day, Google declines to takedown controversial YouTube video and UK orphan works bill draws US ire.

Turnitin Analyzes the Spectrum of Plagiarism

Turnitin did a survey with over 800 educators to learn what kinds of plagiarism is the most common and problematic.