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3 Count: Midnight Syndicate

YODA aims to make it easier to resell products with software, Midnight Syndicate sues Insane Clown Posse's label and Content ID flags purring cat.

3 Count: Resale Repeat

Italy adopts new site-blocking provisions, U.S. Copyright Office proposes resale royalties for artists and Austrian musician loses eBay case.

3 Count: Mega Silence

Mega shutters a file search engine, Valve sued in Germany over used games and CES drops CNET over Hopper controversy.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 254 – Soda and Speeding

Cablevision backs TV networks against Aereo, Resale royalties may be coming and Pirate Bay founder/financier declares bankruptcy.

3 Count: Resale Royalties

U.S. visual artists could soon be seeing resale royalties, Triple Town case moves forward and Warner on the warpath against Amazon vendors.

3 Count: Dropped Boxes

Oracle wins a patent victory in its case against Google, eBay targets Ultraviolet resellers and Dropbox's new feature stirs controversy.