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1: Resale Royalties for Artists Reviewed by U.S. Copyright Office, On Fast Track in Washington

First off today, Michael Miller at the GalleristNY writes that the U.S. Copyright Office has opened an inqury into a resale royalty bill before Congress. The bill would require auction houses (but not private sales) to pay a 7 percent royalty to a visual artist or their estate after reselling their work. There have been several attempts at passing such a bill, starting in 1993, but they have failed. However, such royalties are increasingly prevalent on other nations and this bill appears to be fast-tracked, with the period for comment only 45 days, about half the normal period.

2: There is ‘Substantial Similarity’ Between Triple Town and Yeti Town – U.S. Court

Next up today, Mike Rose at Gamasutra writes that a court has ruled in favor of game developers Spry Fox in their lawsuit against their competitor 6Waves Lolapps and will allow the case to go forward. Spry Fox accused 6Waves of ripping off their game Triple Town with their own version, Yeti Town. 6Waves had sought to have the lawsuit dismissed but the judge ruled that the works were substantially similar enough to warrant a trial and that the issue of whether or not the similarities constituted infringement would have to be settled in court. Neither Spry Fox nor 6Waves had any comment on the ruling.

3: Warner Bros. Suing Amazon Sellers for Copyright Infringement

Finally today, Kenneth Corbin at EcmmerceBytes.com writes that Warner Brothers has filed a wave of lawsuits against people it claims are selling unauthorized copies of their movies on Amazon. The lawsuits, which were mostly filed using the seller’s Amazon handle, are slated to seek the full contact information of the defendants from Amazon once approved by the court. Warner filed a similar wave in July though the outcome of those lawsuits is unclear.


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