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Plagiarism Today Turns 10

Plagiarism Today has just turned 10 and it's time to say reminisce, celebrate and, most importantly, say some overdue thank yous.

Guest Post: At Plagiarism Today, Jonathan Bailey Empowers Those Who Feel...

In honor of Plagiarism Today's 10-Year Anniversary, long-time personal and site friend Patrick O'Keefe wrote a guest post.

Community Admin Show – Episode 27

In 2007, Patrick O'Keefe and I had our first podcast together, but it wasn't a Copyright 2.0 Show episode. Relive the memories here.

10 Years of PT: 2007 – Turning the Tide on Scraping

2007 was one of the craziest years on Plagiarism Today as the Web turns the tide on scraping and I meet Patrick O'Keefe.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 342 – Saying Goodbye

This episode, we say goodbye to Patrick O'keefe, the cohost of the Copyright 2.0 Show for over 250 episodes and nearly six years.

Topify: When Going Mobile Goes Wrong

Mobile forum app Topify has caused a huge controversy with forum administrators over its practices. What is it doing and what should it change?

How Reddit Deals with Plagiarism

A recently-discovered case of plagiarism showcased the role of community in dealing with the problem online. But the case a sign of a new strategy?

Global Grind Scrapes Blogs, Publishes them to Google News

Popular hip hop site Global Grind has been copying content from lesser-known bloggers and getting it into Google News.

Review: Managing Online Forums

A new book by Patrick O'keefe seeks to help forum admins better run their site and manages to become an important reference for avoiding community-related headaches.