Community Admin Show – Episode 27

community-admin-logoAs many of you know, I’ve been recapping the past 10 years of Plagiarism Today and discussing all of the events, news stories and turning points that made this site what it is today.

When I did my piece on 2007 I talked about how I met my good friend and long-time podcast co-host Patrick O’keefe.

In the post, I talked about how, even though we would eventually do hundreds of episodes of the Copyright 2.0 Show together, the first podcast we did as a duo wasn’t copyright-related at all, but rather, was Patrick’s Community Admin Show. That episode, episode 27 was also Patrick’s last episode on The Podcast Network, making the episode somewhat bittersweet for both of us.

Now, when I wrote my year in review piece, I mentioned that the episode, like the others in the series, was not online. Well, Patrick was kind enough to find the episode and send it to me, giving me permission to republish it here.

So, if you’re curious about the first time Patrick and I did a podcast together, you can download the full Episode 27 of the Community Admin Show here or, if you prefer, stream it using the player below.

Also, if you’re interested in listening to other episodes in the series (which was awesome), you can join the conversation about it on this post, reach out to him via Twitter or, even better, support his Patreon campaign.

On that note, thank you Patrick for providing me with the MP3. So many memories in one file and so many more that were made after it.

You’re just providing further proof why you are as awesome as I tell everyone you are.

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