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When Forums Break Their Users’ Trust…

Homesteading Today recently found itself at the heart of a copyright and plagiarism controversy, one that's a warning for all user-generated sites.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 281 – Risk Campions

House Judiciary Committee to review U.S. copyright law, Craigslist wins early round against PadMapper and Pirate Party wins big in Iceland.

3 Count: Narrow Window

Craigslist lawsuit against Padmapper and 3Taps survives, Sabam wants levies from Belgian ISPs and Universal tries to withhold royalty info for privacy reasons.

The Real Fail Behind Instagram’s TOS

Instagram's new TOS has been the subject of a lot of controversy, but is it as bad as it seems and is it really the problem?

3 Count: Imperfect Person

The Globe and Mail responds to Wente's scandal, 3Taps countersues Craigslist and Cablevision backs TV networks against Aereo.

Craigslist Updates TOS, Now Effectively Owns Your Ads

Craigslist, as part of its war on scapers, is now demanding exclusive rights to the content posted on its service, putting your copyright in danger.

3 Count: Entrance Music

Craigslist is demanding exclusive rights to submitted content, porn piracy chasers get reprimanded and WWE music writer sues for royalties.

Hired Plagiarism: The Changing Business of Plagiarism

Paying for plagiarism may seem silly, but it's an old practice that's finding new life online. Why is the business of plagiarism booming?

3 Count: Bad Fortuny

This is daily column on Plagiarism Today where the site brings you three of the days biggest, most important copyright and plagiarism news links....