3 Count: Entrance Music

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1: Craigslist Tightens Grip, Demanding Exclusive Ownership of Ads

First off today, Timothy Lee at Ars Technica reports that Craigslist, the popular classified ad site, has recently updated its terms of service and added new notices to its posting form that lets users know that they now grant Craigslist exclusive rights to enforce the copyright of the work as they see fit. The move comes as Craigslist is embroiled in legal disputes with sites like Craiggers and Padmapper, which scrape Craigslist content to display in alternative, more useful ways. Legal experts, however, challenge Craigslist means of transferring these rights and claim that it is unlikely to be upheld.

2: Copyright Trolls Ignore Court, Undermine Alleged BitTorrent Sharers’ Rights

Next up today, Enigmax of Torrentfreak writes that several porn companies, engaged in mass litigation against alleged Bittorrent pirates, have been reprimanded by judges for violating court orders and sending subpoenas to ISPs without the court’s permission. This includes Malibu Media, Patrick Collins and Bubble Gum, all of whom, according to the court, sent subpoenas to ISPs seeking information about suspected pirates when the court had ordered that information be kept private until the defendants were given the chance to obtain counsel. In all of the cases the copyright holder is facing possible sanctions by the court for their actions.

3: ‘Pioneer’ of Wrestling Entrance Music Sues WWE for Copyright Infringement

Finally today, Eriq Gardner of The Hollywood Reporter reports that the WWE has found itself on the defendant side of a copyright lawsuit. Papa Berg wrote many of the most popular WWF (then WWF) theme songs from the 80s but sued after learning that the songs had been “erroneously registered” by the WWE as being owned by them, meaning that royalties were being directed to the company and not him. berg is demanding a preliminary injunction, an order seizing all infringing works and further monetary damages. The WWE has not responded.


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