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1: Leaders Hint Poland Will not Fully Apply EU Copyright Law

First off today, Monika Scislowska at Phys.org reports that Poland’s leaders have hinted that they will not fully implement the recently passed EU copyright directive saying that, as written, it stifles free speech.

The comments came from the ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski who said that the Polish government, while they will implement the rules, will do so in a way that they feel “will preserve internet freedom.”

Kaczynski spoke at the party’s campaign convention and the move is widely seen as an attempt to attract more young voters to the party ahead of the May 26nd European Parliament election.

2: US Court Orders 27 Pirate Site Operators to Pay $1 Million Each in Damages

Next up today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that a district court in Florida has ordered some 27 pirate site operates to pay $1 million in damages apiece and handed down an injunction that bars companies from providing services to them.

The lawsuit was filed by the Philippine media company ABS-CBN, which claimed that all of the sites involved were illegally offering their content either for streaming or for download. However, none of the 27 defendants showed up in court, prompting the judge to hand down a default judgment against them.

While collecting on the $1 million judgment may prove difficult or even impossible, ABS-CBN has already used the injunction against the sites to redirect many of their domains. However, the sites do seem to remain online using alternate extensions.

3: Karyn Temple Appointed United States Register of Copyrights

Finally today, Robert Levine at Billboard reports that Karyn Temple has been appointed as the United States Register of Copyrights.

The announcement, which was made on March 27th by the Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden, gives the job permanently to Temple, who had been working as acting Registrar after the previous Register, Maria Pallante, was let go from the position by Hayden in 2016.

The appointment comes as the government debates legislation and proposals that could drastically alter the Copyright Office including how the Register is chosen and whether it should remain a part of the Library of Congress.

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