3 Count: Bail Denied

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1: Megaload Founder Kim Dotcom Denied Bail on US Charges

First off today, Megaupload founder and CEO Kim Dotcom has been denied bail by a New Zealand court. Dotcom was arrested, along with six employees, after U.S. authorities moved to shutter his site over allegations of copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering. According to the judge, Dotcom was a flight risk due to his wealth, international connections and history of fleeing charges. If convicted of the charges he faces, Dotcom could be sentenced to 20 years in prison. Megaupload, along with its sister sites, remain closed and have been seized by the FBI.

2: Planned Copyright Changes Could Stop Authors Writing for Schools

Next up today, authors in the UK are worried that proposed changes to copyright law in the UK could result in fewer authors writing for schools. The changes, which are designed to increase access to copyrighted works by educational institutions, risks giving authors who write for schools fewer royalties. As such, many have said that they would either have to scale back or stop working on books and content for schools as a result. Under the current system, schools pay an annual license to copy and distribute such works but, under the proposal, those fees could be greatly reduced or even dropped.

3: British Publisher Puts Plans to Publish Mein Kampf Excerpts in Germany on Hold

Finally today, a UK publisher that had planned to publish 3 16-page excerpts of Adolf Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” in a German magazine has put its plans on hold. The German state of Bavaria holds the copyright to the book, at least until it expires in 2015, and had has used that copyright to prevent publication with in Germany. The state had threatened legal action against the publisher, which planned to publish the segments along with commentary on them in a German magazine. However, due to the threats, the publisher has put the plans on hold and will only be running the commentary in the magazine.


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