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Facebook Instant Articles: Instant Frustration

Facebook made its Instant Articles tool available to all publishers this week, but my attempts to implement have been, well, less than successful.

3 Count: Activating Pirates

Microsoft asks court to order Comcast to hand over pirate, NMPA and Spotify may be near a settlement and Facebook to bring Instant articles to WordPress

3 Count: Getting Meta

FilmOn loses key appeals court decision, MetArt wants sanctions against tube sites and Marc Randazza files a controversial DMCA notice.

WordPress Introduces Post Embedding

WordPress recently introduced the ability to embed posts in other sites. But what about the copyright and ethics of implementing such a system?

Site Security IS Content Security

When it comes to content, there's a lot of talk about preventing piracy and plagiarism, but there's also a need to focus on security closer to home.

Running Plagiarism Today: A Technical Guide

Running a site like Plagiarism Today isn't just about writing, it requires hosting, software and lots of tools to make it happen. Here's how.

10 Years of PT: 2007 – Turning the Tide on Scraping

2007 was one of the craziest years on Plagiarism Today as the Web turns the tide on scraping and I meet Patrick O'Keefe.

10 Years of PT: 2006 – Scraping and Soaring

2006 was a roller coaster year for me and for Plagiarism Today. However, it was a year where the good things remained and the bad ones faded.

What Size Should Online Images Be Uploaded to Avoid Theft?

Artists and photographers are always told to not upload high-resolution images to avoid infringement, but what is the best size?

Repost Shuts Down & How Article Embedding Can Still Grow

As Repost shuts down, the future of article embedding hangs not on a new startup, by on the hosts that we already use everyday.