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3 Count: Pandora’s Box Set

Copyright Royalty Board raises royalties for Internet radio, Google wins lawsuit over Waze and Germany pirate site admin sentenced to 40 months.

3 Count: UGotBusted

UGotPosted founder sentenced to 18 years in prison, Grooveshark to up its anti-piracy efforts and Doctor Who box set available legally on BitTorrent.

3 Count: Non-Dancing Jesus

Two sentenced to jail time over Dancing Jesus forum, Dallas Buyer Club and iiNet have a day in court and porn companies want Google's help with piracy.

3 Count: Still Frozen

Aereo loses appeal to be treated as a cable company, Kim Dotcom's assets to remain frozen for another year and UK man sentenced to 33 months for piracy.

3 Count: Irish Response

Irish newspapers respond to Google News dispute, Swedish supreme court OKs revealing pirate identities and IMAGiNE leader sentenced to five years in prison.