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Site Security IS Content Security

When it comes to content, there's a lot of talk about preventing piracy and plagiarism, but there's also a need to focus on security closer to home.

3 Count: Tongue Kissed

Raanan Katz loses bid to block photo of himself, Ben Carson's goes after CafePress over fake merch and MPA reports 500 site blocking incidents in EU.

3 Count: Windows Shut Down

Norwegian Rights Alliance targets 75k Popcorn Time users, Windows 10 spooks BitTorrent sites and public comment period begins on geoblocking in the EU.

Phishing Scam Targets Photographers Protecting Copyright

A scandal involving an image scraper accused of phishing creators has brought new focus on how creators can protect their copyright and their privacy.

3 Count: Hola and Adios

Hola VPN creates security concerns, judge explains why Pandora owes 2.5 percent to BMI and CloudFlare challenges RIAA on restraining order.

3 Count: Shark Fin Soup

Grooveshark closes as it settles cases against record labels, US Trade Rep releases Special 301 report and erotic ebook cover leads to a lawsuit.

3 Count: Deflating Aereo

Aereo sold at auction for less than expected, Florida considers controversial anti-piracy legislation and Florida dentist ordered to pay in Yelp case.

How Getting Infringed Can Mean Getting Sued

When a photo is infringed, what rights does the model have and what obligations do the photographer have to protect them?

Understanding VPNs: A Simple Tool with a Complex Role

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs have been spending a lot of time in the news. But are they security tools for the wary or masks for criminals?

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 347 – Swift Execution

Taylor Swift pulls her music from Spotify, Supreme Court passes on Sherlock Holmes case and broadcasters secure an injunction against Aereo.