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1: Qatar’s beIN Seeks $1bn Compensation for ‘Saudi TV Sport Piracy’

First off today, Al Jazeera reports that Qatar sports broadcaster beIN has filed proceedings against Saudi Arabia with the World Trade Organization and is said to be seeking up to $1 billion in compensation for alleged piracy of its product.

The case stems from an ongoing dispute between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties with Qatar over allegations it was supporting terrorism. This resulted in Saudi Arabia blocking beIN in Saudi Arabia but BeoutQ, a satellite service that targets the Middle East, began broadcasting BeIN-owned sports content in the country.

According to beIN, BeoutQ is a pirate operation operating out of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has denied this and repeatedly tried to distance itself from the operation. However, Saudi Arabia has either refused or been unable to stop BeoutQ’s alleged piracy, prompting beIN to file the complaint with the WTO.

2: Crown Bests Dotcom in Appeal Over Alleged Information Breach

Next up today, Stuff reports that Kim Dotcom has lost an appeal over information requests he’d made with the government in the run to a hearing over his potential extradition to the United States.

Dotcom was arrested in January 2012 for operating the file sharing site Megaupload. Dotcom, who resides in New Zealand, is facing extradition to the United States for alleged crimes related to the site. However, in the run up to a 2015 extradition hearing, he made some 52 “urgent” requests to the New Zealand government for information that they had on him. The government denied those requests saying that they were vexatious.

Dotcom sued over the denial and the lower court awarded him $90,000 NZ ($59,000 USD) in damages . The government appealed and the appeals court ruled that, since the requests were needlessly marked as urgent, that they were indeed vexatious. Further, the appeals court found that the damages award was incorrect as the court had awarded damages for harms not argued by Dotcom during trial.

3: Ana Mendieta Estate Sues Amazon Studios Over Copyright Infringement

Finally today, Artforum reports that the estate of artists Ana Mendieta has filed a lawsuit against Amazon studios over the planned remake of a 1977 horror film that was based heavily on Mendieta’s work.

The lawsuit deals with the upcoming movie Suspiria, a remake of the 1977 film by Dario Argento. The original drew heavily from Mendieta’s work, including at least one photograph and one performance piece. These issues were flagged by the estate during a screening of the new film and were the subject of a cease and desist in July.

However, the estate feels that Amazon has not done enough to address the issues and has filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement. According to the estate, permission sot use Mendieta’s work are generally not granted for commercial purposes. Amazon has not responded to the lawsuit.

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