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Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 367 – Butts & Cheating

It's a deep and philosophical episode of the Copyright 2.0 Show as we look at Ashley Madison, cheerleaders and the Vietnamese national anthem...

3 Count: 8 Years

FBI has taken an interest in Prenda Law, TPP softens on safe harbor provisions and the dancing baby case is still ongoing.

3 Count: Streaming Apple

Prenda Law racks up more sanctions as their finances get exposed, Live Nation fails to escape Big Pimpin lawsuit and Apple launches streaming music.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 359 – Groovy Shutdown

Grooveshark shutters and reappears, Pandora loses one, wins one in royalty fight and Rightscorp does the same against piracy.

3 Count: 9th Circuit Beating

Prenda Law has its day before the 9th Circuit, Apple draws ire over alleged plans to end free music streaming and Pandora cleared to buy radio station.

3 Count: Smack Down

Judge Posner comes down hard on the Conan Doyle estate, Prenda Law loses a costly appeal and Torrentshack to close to avoid FACT's wrath.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 325 – Special 301

U.S. Trade Representative releases Special 301 report, DVDFab wants its domains back, Fox hits back over New Girl allegations and much more!

3 Count: Rich in Poverty

Prenda Lawyers plead poverty unsuccessfully, The Conjuring hit with another lawsuit and Fox hits back over New Girl allegations.

3 Count: London Calling

City of London Police shutter four domains, arrest alleged owner, Prenda Law has a tough day in appeals court and Fox fires takedowns over new iOS game.

3 Count: Return to Sender

Prenda Law ordered to return some settlements, photographer wins $1.6 million judgment and move studios dismiss limewire case.