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3 Count: Spoiler Alert

Expert witness can stay in Stairway to Heaven case, Prenda Law loses appeal and must pay sanctions and spoiler group hit with copyright cease and desist.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 367 – Butts & Cheating

It's a deep and philosophical episode of the Copyright 2.0 Show as we look at Ashley Madison, cheerleaders and the Vietnamese national anthem...

3 Count: 8 Years

FBI has taken an interest in Prenda Law, TPP softens on safe harbor provisions and the dancing baby case is still ongoing.

3 Count: Streaming Apple

Prenda Law racks up more sanctions as their finances get exposed, Live Nation fails to escape Big Pimpin lawsuit and Apple launches streaming music.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 359 – Groovy Shutdown

Grooveshark shutters and reappears, Pandora loses one, wins one in royalty fight and Rightscorp does the same against piracy.

3 Count: 9th Circuit Beating

Prenda Law has its day before the 9th Circuit, Apple draws ire over alleged plans to end free music streaming and Pandora cleared to buy radio station.

3 Count: Smack Down

Judge Posner comes down hard on the Conan Doyle estate, Prenda Law loses a costly appeal and Torrentshack to close to avoid FACT's wrath.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 325 – Special 301

U.S. Trade Representative releases Special 301 report, DVDFab wants its domains back, Fox hits back over New Girl allegations and much more!

3 Count: Rich in Poverty

Prenda Lawyers plead poverty unsuccessfully, The Conjuring hit with another lawsuit and Fox hits back over New Girl allegations.

3 Count: London Calling

City of London Police shutter four domains, arrest alleged owner, Prenda Law has a tough day in appeals court and Fox fires takedowns over new iOS game.