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3 Count: Expedite and Extradite

Court orders Kim Dotcom to be extradited to the U.S., man who sued over Kung Fu Panda charged with fraud and Pandora settles with ASCAP and BMI.

3 Count: Break Dancing

Break.com is sued over copyright infringement, Kim Dotcom appeals to get his money back and Sony wins fight against Beatles documentary.

3 Count: Mega Cancel

Some cry foul over Spotify's new lyrics feature, Mega loses its payment processor and new music to be released on Fridays under new plan.

3 Count: Mega Chatty

Lionsgate names the Does in the Expendables 3 lawsuit, Cox responds to music publishers and Kim Dotcom launches MegaChat.

3 Count: Over The Top

CBS threatens to go over the top if Aereo wins, Popcorn Time pulled down from Mega and Tim Berners-Lee makes a call for Web freedom.

Rethinking Kim Dotcom

With the recent 60 Minutes feature on Kim Dotcom, it's time to rethink the man behind Megaupload and where he stands today.

3 Count: International Edition

Italian court orders more BitTorrent sites to be blocked, Polish filmmakers win big over cable provider and Mega says it's not a haven for infringement.

3 Count: Queen Gorilla

Mega releases first mobile app, Snapchat isn't as secure as some think and Queen homage statue remove from Norwich street.

3 Count: Printed Levies

Megaupload founder threatens legal action against Leaseweb over data erasure, EU to put copyright levies on printers and DOMA ruling may impact copyright law.

3 Count: Mega Silence

Mega shutters a file search engine, Valve sued in Germany over used games and CES drops CNET over Hopper controversy.