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3 Count: Baby Blues

Artist sues to prevent mural from being destroyed, Apple raises iPhone and iPad prices after German levies and The Bluebook sparks a war of words.

Reddit and the Problem with Hands Off Administration

Reddit recently found itself at the center of another content controversy, this time over celebrity nude photos. Is there a better approach?

Why Availability isn’t Everything with Piracy

When it comes to reducing piracy, making your work available is incredibly important. However, it is by no means a silver bullet to stop piracy.

The Varying Ethics of Plagiarism

Is ghostwriting a form of plagiarism? What about recycling your content? These aren't easy questions and sometimes the deed itself hardly matters at all.

The 3 Types of Copyright Conversations

Talking about copyright can be very difficult but it isn't just high emotions and misinformation that the problem. The dialog itself is problematic.

Self-Plagiarism: Ethical Shortcut or Moral Scourge?

Self-plagiarism has become a topic of hot debate in academia and elsewhere. But is it an issue worth worrying about?

DMCA Game Answer

First off, congratulations to Jeremy Steele for successfully guessing which notice was correct! Due to an appeal to the Plagiarism Today Supreme Court, namely...

Game: Find the Valid DMCA Notice

Often times, on this site and elsewhere, we criticize hosts for their poor handling of the DMCA while chiding Webmasters and other laypeople who...

New Feature: Stock DMCA and C&D Letters

The most commonly requested feature for Plagiarism Today has been stock letters to help you send out either cease and desist or DMCA notices. If...