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3 Count: German Shepherding

YouTube found not liable in Germany, US Commerce department wants lower copyright penalties in the U.S. and Amazon seeks to create a Spotify killer.

3 Count: Pretty Fly Indeed

The Offspring sell the rights to nearly their entire catalog, Google sued again in Germany by publishers and UK town makes piece with book publisher.

3 Count: Baby Blues

Artist sues to prevent mural from being destroyed, Apple raises iPhone and iPad prices after German levies and The Bluebook sparks a war of words.

3 Count: Pandora’s Box Set

Copyright Royalty Board raises royalties for Internet radio, Google wins lawsuit over Waze and Germany pirate site admin sentenced to 40 months.

3 Count: Leto’s Lawsuit

Jared Leto sues TMZ over leaked video, Elvis Presley estate battles over Germany royalties and Disney DMCAs photograph of purchased action figure.

3 Count: TPP Debut

The full text of the TPP is released, researchers unimpressed with Google's anti-piracy efforts and Warner Brother hints at delaying shows on Netflix.

3 Count: Showing Restraint

Aurous hit with a restraining order, Warner/Chappell seeks Happy Birthday reconsideration or appeal and Mein Kampf to be on sale next year in Germany.

3 Count: FoodPorn Problems

Dallas Buyers Club LLC suffers setback in Australia piracy case, "Food Porn" in legal uncertain in Germany and Android developer trolls pirates.

3 Count: Cored Apple

Apple suffers defeat in ebook antitrust case, German court orders YouTube to block infringements and French magazine fined over piracy guide.

3 Count: Front Page

The Sunday Times uses the DMCA against a critic, Pirate Party report accepted by EU Parliament committee and FastPassTV admit pleads guilty.