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3 Count: Red Card

Popular sports streaming sites blocked in the UK, Jumpman case gets a day in court and last Pirate Bay co-founder finishes his sentence.

3 Count: Rimini Street Lifeeewzcxabwqtzdq

Oracle wins big in its case against Rimini Street, UK Premier League set to crack down on Vines and gifs while Angelina Jolie faces appeal in movie lawsuit.

3 Count: Dead Lawsuit Walking

Lil Kim sued by makeup artist over single cover, UK Premier League sues pubs for illegal broadcasts and study claims three strikes systems ineffective.

3 Count: Nevermore

MPAA joins the Baltimore Ravens to argue in favor of fair use, YouTube says it can't restore all counter-noticed videos and broader EU licensing framework unveiled.

3 Count: Pointed Lawsuit

Optus plans to appeal the TV Now ruling in Australa, FBI introduces new warnings for DVDs and a football lawsuit causes a facepalming.

3 Count: Copyright Fixture

The EU rules on copyright in football fixtures, Merlin settles its lawsuit with Limewire and Apple settles its lawsuit over the Chopper Soundboard app.

3 Count: Socially Unfiltered

EU Court rules social networks can go unfiltered, UK pub owners face a new copyright crackdown and a $4 million ruling over a porn site.

3 Count: Illegal Stream

In Australia, the Optus ruling is appealed, UK denies any new site blocking legislation and VEVO in hot water over illegal football streaming.

3 Count: Magic Money

Tunescore CEO calles iTunes Match royalties Magic Money, UK rules again on pubs playing football matches and NY Times draws heat for infringement.

3 Count: Goooooal!

EU Soccer matches may get cheaper to watch, Greens reject ACTA in the EU and Century 21 wins a scraping verdict in Canada.