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1: Film Companies and Reddit Clash Again in Court over Anonymous Piracy Comments

First off today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that a group of independent film companies have again subpoenaed Reddit asking for the information of several users who discussed piracy on the site, marking the third such time that they have attempted to do so.

The companies have filed a lawsuit against ISP Frontier, alleging that the company was not doing enough to prevent piracy on its network. Specifically, the claim is that the company was refusing the terminate the account of repeat infringers. To support that claim, they have subpoenaed Reddit in hopes of revealing the identities of several Frontier users who discussed piracy on the site in a bid to bolster their case. The companies say that they have no plans to target the users directly.

The same group has tried this approach in two other cases. However, both times they were shot down due to first amendment concerns. Reddit is contesting this subpoena as well, however, this time the film studios have limited their request to just the IP address logs, omitting email addresses and other identifying information. As such, they argue that the first two subpoenas are not relevant.

2: Government Will Not Go Ahead with Winning Design for COVID Memorial Due to Copyright Issues

Next up today, GBC News reports that, in Gibraltar, the government has announced it will not be moving forward with the winning design for a COVID memorial due to copyright issues discovered with the design.

The government held a contest for a memorial to be placed at Campion Park to honor those who were lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. They held a contest to determine the design and local artist Caroline Canessa wont it with a teardrop shaped “Memorial Light” statue.

However, a reverse image search of the final design found that the light was very similar to an outdoor lamp that’s available on various ecommerce websites. According to the government, Canessa has returned the prize money and they will soon make an announcement about how they will move forward with the memorial.

3: Burnley Co-Owner JJ Watt Hit by Premier League Copyright Rules as NFL Legend Rants About VAR

Finally today, Joe Moore at Talksport reports that, in the UK, Burnley co-owner JJ Watt has had his account on X (formerly Twitter) suspended following a copyright notice filed by the Premiere League, where his team plays.

Watt was upset over a late goal in Burnely’s match against Luton, which resulted in the game ending in a draw. With both Burnely and Luton at the bottom of the table, the game had major consequences for potential relegation with Luton getting a significant boost with the draw. However, Watt claimed that the late goal was the product foul that was missed both by referees and the video review.

To make his point, Watt posted raw footage from the match. However, that triggered the Premiere League’s copyright enforcement tools, resulting in the post being removed and his account being locked.

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