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1: California Authors Can’t Intervene in ChatGPT Copyright Cases Pending in New York

First off today, Josh Russell at Courthouse News Service reports that a New York judge has denied a request by various authors to join the case against OpenAI, saying that the authors, despite having a similar lawsuit in California, have no interest in the New York case.

The case involves a series of lawsuits filed against OpenAI by various rightsholders. This includes one filed by the Authors Guild, along with several authors, and another filed by the New York Times. The judge recently combined those two cases, both of which were filed in New York, in hopes that it would expedite the process.

Another group of authors with a similar lawsuit in California tried to intervene in the New York case but were rejected. The judge said that because no class has been certified in either case, they don’t have an interest in this case.

2: Court Freezes $8.4M of Craig Wright’s Assets Amid Evading Court Expenses Allegations

Next up today, Hope C at CoinMarket Cap reports that, in the United Kingdom, a court has ordered some £6.7 million ($8.4 million) worth of assets held by Craig Wright to be frozen to avoid him avoiding paying court expenses.

Wright, for many years, claimed to be the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. As part of those claims, he claimed copyright on the original Bitcoin whitepaper, using copyright strikes and legal threats to target those sharing it. However, the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) challenged his claims and the case went before a UK court.

There, the judge ruled definitely that Wright is not Satoshi. This prompted COPA to ask for court costs, including some £6.7 million ($8.4 million) in expenses. The judge has granted a “worldwide freezing order” after Wright allegedly transferred some shares he owned, raising concern that he might attempt to duck any judgment.

3: Moonton and Riot Games Settle Long-Standing Copyright Dispute

Finally today, John Dave Rossel at AFK Gaming reports that, after nearly two years of litigation, Riot Games has settled their lawsuit against MOONTON Games, bringing the dispute to a close.

The case was filed in May 2022 with Riot Games accusing MOONTON of copyright infringement. According to the lawsuit, MOONTON’s game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang copied elements from Riot’s much more popular League of Legends.

The lawsuit was originally filed in California, but the judge ruled the case would be better heard in China. Since then, the two sides have been in negotiation and have now reached a settlement, bringing the matter to a close.

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