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Everyone, I don’t like doing housekeeping posts very frequently, but I’m holding off on today’s planned post while I get some additional information.

However, it’s an excellent opportunity to let everyone know that in addition to my presence on Facebook and Twitter, I recently set up a Mastodon page and have been posting there.

I actually created the page six weeks ago and have been posting there alongside Twitter. Even though the presence there is very much an upstart, I’ve already been engaged with a wonderful community dealing with academic integrity and others dealing with copyright issues.

In short, it’s been a great environment, and I’m hoping to connect with other readers there as it’s a space I can actually engage in.

Also, if you aren’t already subscribed to my YouTube page, please do so. I’m preparing to launch a new weekly video series once renovations to my office are complete. That will hopefully be later this month.

Likewise, if you aren’t interested in social media, you can simply subscribe to the Plagiarism Today daily newsletter. Posts are once per day, M-Th and feature no external ads, no sharing of your data.

In the meantime, I hope to see you on Mastodon (or any of the other external presences) and hope to chat with you soon!

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