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1: Bad Bunny and Music Stars Want a Copyright Case Over Reggaeton Beats Thrown Out

First off today, Ramishah Maruf at CNN reports that lawyers representing Bad Bunny have filed a motion to dismiss in the ongoing lawsuit that claims over 100 artists and labels have infringed the copyright of the song Fish Market.

The lawsuit was filed by Jamaican producers Steely & Clevie, who claim that they co-wrote the 1989 song Fish Market from which a heavily sampled rhythm named Dem Bow comes from. According to the lawsuit, that rhythm has been used in a wide variety of music, including songs by Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Ricky Martin and more.

However, lawyers representing Bad Bunny are asking the judge to dismiss the case, claiming that the elements at issue are not protectable by copyright and that, if their claim is allowed to move forward, it would lead to them effectively claiming ownership of the reggaeton genre of music.

2: Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss A+E Copyright Suit Against ‘Live PD’ Successor

Next up today, Brian Steinberg at Variety reports that a judge has denied a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by A+E Networks against the producers of the Reelz cable network show On Patrol: Live.

A+E filed the lawsuit, alleging that On Patrol: Live was a copycat of their earlier show Live PD. Live PD was cancelled in 2020 following protests in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder. A+E allege that, after the cancellation, Big Fish Entertainment, the producer of Live PD, then sought to create a copycat show, which would later become On Patrol: Live and would air on Reelz.

According to A+E, the original contract with Big Fish transferred all rights to the show to them. As such, they filed the lawsuit alleging copyright infringement, trademark infringement and unfair competition. The judge in the case is allowing it to move forward, saying that there are enough issues to warrant a potential trial and siding with A+E on the content of the agreement between them.

3: Top Nintendo Switch piracy Subreddit banned after 3 years

Finally today, We Fenlon at PC Gamer reports that Reddit has closed a prominent Subreddit that was used to discuss emulation, modding and piracy of Nintendo Switch games.

The Subreddit had nearly 70,000 members, having grown dramatically following the release (and leak) of the latest Legend of Zelda game, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The Subreddit, entitled /r/NewYuzuPiracy, had been operating since May 2020.

However, the Subreddit has now been banned “due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy”, specifically for serving as a replacement for a previously banned Subreddit. The Subreddit was a replacement for /r/YuzuPiracy, which had been closed just two weeks before /r/NewYuzuPiracy opened.

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