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1: Omi in a Hellcat Will Plead Guilty, Suddenly Turns Anti-Piracy Advocate

First off today, Andy Maxwell at Torrentfreak writes that YouTuber and former pirate IPTV service operator Omar Carrasquillo, better known as Omi in a Hellcat, has announced that he will plead guilty to the charges against him and is now spreading an anti-piracy message.

Carrasquillo was arrested last year and had “at least” $5.2 million seized from his bank accounts, along with various vehicles that he was alleged to have purchased with ill-gotten revenue. Initially, he insisted that he was innocent and that legal advice he received before setting up his operation was sound.

However, his attitude seems to have changed. In a recent video, Carrasquillo admitted that he is guilty and announced that he will be pleading guilty. While he did not say anything about potential prison time, he did acknowledge that he will lose his house, his properties and all of his cars and other valuables. Though he credits Disney+ for changing his heart on the issue, he insists that no one is “pulling his strings” and that he wasn’t coerced into making the video.

Next up today, Ali Shutler at NME reports that a mod for the game Total War has been removed from Mod DB, a popular modding database, following a takedown notice filed by Warner Bros. However, rather than giving up, the mod’s developers are planning on rebranding the mod.

The mod, entitled Total War: Rise Of Mordor, is based on the Lord of the Rings series. Warner Bros. filed the takedown, saying that it was infringing on various elements from the films, which they hold the rights to.

However, rather than take the mod down, the developers are asking for community help rebranding it. They have launched a Google form and are asking for suggestions to rename it. However, there’s no word if they are also rebranding the material inside the mod to insure it is not infringing in its own right.

Finally today, Daniel Brown at Joe reports that FIFA’s own live stream of the Club World Cup semi-final was taken down to a copyright claim by TMG.

The match and the event were organized by FIFA, which had broadcast rights to it. However, shortly before kickoff, the live stream went dark due to a “copyright infringement claim by TMG”. It is unclear who TMG is or why they claimed the video.

The match, which was between Chelsea and Al Hilal, is not available on YouTube either, though the rest of the tournament is.

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