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1: The Jesus and Mary Chain Sue Warner Music Group for Copyright Infringement

First off today, Matthew Strauss at Pitchfork reports that members of the group The Jesus and Mary Chain have filed a lawsuit against Warner Music Group over allegations that WMG has refused to terminate its copyright ownership despite a copyright termination notice being filed by the band.

According to the band, Section 203 of the Copyright Act allows them to terminate their prior agreement with WMG 35 years after the work is published. As such, they have filed for copyright termination of their debut album Psychocandy. However, WMG responded, saying that they are the holder of the copyrights involved and that the notice was “not effective” in terminating WMG’s U.S. rights.

As such, the group is suing WMG for copyright infringement. They are seeking a declaratory judgment that their notice of termination was valid, as well as $2.5 million in damages.

2: Hasbro Defeats Challengers in ‘Game of Life’ Copyright Dispute

Next up today, Bernie Pazanowski at Bloomberg Law reports that Hasbro has emerged victorious in a copyright termination case of their own as they have fended off a challenge by the estate of Bill Markham, the man who designed the prototype for the Game of Life.

Markham’s estate had previously filed for copyright termination on the game, which he designed in 1959. However, the court ruled that he created the game as a work for hire under the Copyright Act of 1909, meaning that it didn’t qualify for such termination.

Markham’s estate had tried to argue it was not a work for hire under the Copyright Act of 1976, but the court refused to apply that act retroactively. That ruling was appealed to the First Circuit Court of Appeals, which has now upheld that decision.

3: Guy Who Bragged On Triller Owner’s Instagram That He Pirated Jake Paul Fight Gets Sued

Finally today, Andy Maxwell at Torrentfreak writes that Triller has filed a lawsuit against an Ohio man named Jarren Swords, after Swords bragged on Triller’s Instagram page that he had pirated the recent Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight.

Since the fight took place, Triller has been aggressively pursuing suspected pirates, filing lawsuits against various parties that it accused of aiding in piracy of the match. They also offered an amnesty program where those that did pirate the event could pay $50 and avoid being sued personally.

Swords, however, posted on Triller’s Instagram that he “watched the Jake Paul fight for free” and then said that “He can’t sue me.” Well, Triller has filed a lawsuit against Swords and is seeking damages of up to $10,000 plus costs and fees for violations of the Federal Communications Act and up to $150,000 for violations of the Copyright Act.

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