Understanding Copyright on YouTube

Breakdown of notice and takedown...

What’s extremely convoluted and stumps even the greatest copyright experts in the world? YouTube’s copyright process.

So, what better thing for me to try and explain in about 12 minutes using only simple flow charts?

In all seriousness though, in this video I do my best to explain the complex and nuanced copyright system that operates on YouTube including both the DMCA, which governs formal notices and takedowns, and the Content ID system, which is YouTube’s automated content matching tool.

To tie it all together, I go into something of a personal story of mine on another YouTube channel. One that saw a video of mine, with no infringing content, receive both a successfully-contested Content ID claim and a DMCA notice that was also successfully contested (eventually).

So sit back and relax as we go through the wonderland that is YouTube’s copyright system. This one is a doozy, but a must-watch for anyone posting to YouTube.