Explaining the Oracle v. Google Case

Need an API to understand APIs?

After a somewhat crazy hiatus due to personal life and the Melania Trump plagiarism scandal (which led to an appearance on Dr. Drew) I’m back making my usual videos.

Best of all, as a means of saying thank you to all of the new viewers for their patience, I’ve decided to cover the most-requested topic: The Oracle v. Google case.

However, this one is a doozy. Not only is this case legally complex, but it’s very technically complex as well. So prepare for a study in both copyright and computer programming in this video.

So yes, this video is a long one but, hopefully, by the end you’ll have a clearer understanding of the case and how we got to where we are today.

Since there are far too many PDFs to download and re-host, you can instead find most of the filings in the case either on the EFF’s website or on Groklaw.

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