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1: Pacific-Rim Nations Led by U.S. Agree to Historic Trade Deal

First off today, Len Bracken, Rossella Brevetti and Angela Greiling Keane at Bloomberg Business reports that the United States along with 11 other Pacific rim nations have reached an agreement on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a controversial trade agreement that has been in negotiation for years.

The content of the agreement is unknown because it was negotiated in secret, including the final round of talks in Atlanta. However, previously leaked drafts made the agreement appear to be a far-reaching one, including many copyright elements including requiring other nations to make it illegal to break digital locks, something that’s already illegal in the U.S., and harmonize copyright terms throughout the region.

The countries involved, including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Chile, will now take the agreement back to their legislatures and seek to put it into effect in their home countries.

2: Defense Begins in MegaUpload Extradition Hearing

Next up today, Chris Cooke at Complete Music Update reports that the defense has begun to make its case at the Kim Dotcom hearing and its first order of business was to claim that the prosecution has been acting unfairly and request another delay.

Dotcom was arrested in January 2012 and his then-site, Megaupload, was shuttered in a joint action involving New Zealand and U.S. authorities. The United States is seeking to extradite him from his home in New Zealand to the U.S. but repeated delays have pushed the extradition hearing back to now.

For the past few week the U.S. has been building its case for extradition, highlighting incriminating Skype chats and emails. However, the defense claims that restrictions on Dotcom’s finances have made it impossible for him to obtain experts in U.S. law so he can properly defend himself. The judge, however, has reseted attempts to adjourn the hearing.

3: Pokémon Copyright Lawyers Demand $4,000 from Party Planner

Finally today, Joe Mullin at Ars Technica reports that lawyers for The Pokémon Company are demanding that Ramar Larkin Jones pay $4,000 in damages for his role in organizing a Pokémon-themed party that didn’t happen.

The party, which had been a traditional pre-party for the PAX conference, had drawn the attention of The Pokémon Company this year. When he became aware of the potential for legal action, Jones shut the party down. However The Pokémon Company has not dropped the case, saying that promotional material for the party was infringing and they are seeking some $4,000 in to settle the case.

However, Jones says he doesn’t have the money to give them. He launched a fundraising page on GoFundMe and has already met the $4,000 goal.


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