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1: IFPI, UK Cops, Credit Cards Unite Against Unlicensed MP3 Sites

First off today, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has announced a new partnership with City of London Police’s Economic Crime Directorate (ECD), as well as the credit card companies VIsa and Mastercard to target sites that are unlawfully selling music. The IFPI will collect information on such infringing sites, forward to the ECD and then, after the claims are validated, they will be forwarded to the credit card companies to have their access cut off. The move is likely targeted at sites such was MP3Fiesta, which sell very cheap tracks online without the permission of record labels.

2: UK’s “Voice of Business” Supports Robust Copyright Law

Next Up Today, CBI, one of the UK’s largest and most prominent business organizations, has made public its submission to its government’s review of copyright law. According to CBI, weakening copyright law would be disastrous for UK businesses and that any changes to the law should ensure that such rights are protected. UK Prime Minister David Cameron launched the review last November seeking ways to simplifiy and streamline copyright law for the digital age. This could include an expansion of fair use within the country.

3: Top 40 Countries for Copyright Piracy & Cyberlockers

Finally today, as the U.S. Trade Representative prepares to release their “Special 301” report outlining nations which are it believes are tolerating piracy and the U.S. may wish to seek sanction against, the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) has released it’s recommendations, including some 40 countries. Of the nations listed, the IIPA recommends 13 be place on the “Priority Watch” list with the other 27 being on the “Watch” list. New nations the IIPA recommends for the priority list are Costa Rica, the Philippines, Spain, Ukraine, and Vietnam, all of which the IIPA says are not doing enough to protect copyrights and prevent piracy.


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