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3 Count: Expensive Street

Rimini Street ordered to pay $74 million to Oracle, UK lawmakers warn of unintended consequences and Kenyan photographer accuses Chris Brown of infringement.

3 Count: Torrentz Downpour

Torrentz BitTorrent search engine goes offline, Kickasstorrents domain up for sale and designers in the UK get new rights to their work.

3 Count: Downward Trend

UK study shows streaming up and piracy down, Apple patent may disable cameras in movie theaters and game returns to Steam after fixing copyright issues.

3 Count: Not Glee-ful

British Parliament introduces Digital Economy Bill, Google seeks sanctions from Oracle after trial and choir that inspired Glee in copyright trouble.

What the Brexit Means for Copyright

The recent Brexit vote will have significant changes for both the EU and the UK. Copyright law will also be impacted, in some unpredictable ways.

3 Count: Klinging On

Axanar lawsuit continues despite promises to end it, sentencing of UK pirate upheld and Led Zeppelin asks for dismissal in Stairway to Heaven case.

3 Count: Very Sorry

Justin Bieber sued over Sorry, 4K content stripper settles with Intel over DMCA violations and UK court orders ISPs to block Putlocker.

3 Count: Coming to a Radiohead

Cartoonist's family decries Radiohead music video, UK Intellectual Property Office talks to Facebook and Google and piracy leads to hunger strike in India.

3 Count: Seated Jury

Google and Oracle pick jury for upcoming trial, UK announces IP plans for the next four years and elevator music becomes a hot commodity.

3 Count: White Royal Wedding

Fashion designer sues over dress at royal wedding, Getty Images claims Google Image Search promotes piracy and Goodlatte talks copyright reform.