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3 Count: White Royal Wedding

Fashion designer sues over dress at royal wedding, Getty Images claims Google Image Search promotes piracy and Goodlatte talks copyright reform.

3 Count: In-Flight Entertainment

Universal Music wins big in case over in-flight music, UK moves to increase criminal punishment for infringement and Prince's death a loss for copyright.

3 Count: Snap This…

Kim Dotcom appeals the seizure of his assets, UK minister says sharing Snapchats is an infringement and adult DVD forum sued for copyright infringement.

3 Count: Hey Jude…

Paul McCartney seeks to reclaim rights to some of the classic Beatles songs, UK court rules 8-second clips can be infringing and more!

3 Count: VPN-N-Out

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Dylan Thomas Photos Copyright Case Dismissed in Dublin First off today, Huw Thomas at...

3 Count: Dry Levies

Anne Frank's diary posted online despite objections by claimed rightsholders, EU strikes a blow against copyright levies and the MPAA weighs in on net neutrality.

3 Count: Pretty Fly Indeed

The Offspring sell the rights to nearly their entire catalog, Google sued again in Germany by publishers and UK town makes piece with book publisher.

Peter Pan and the Copyright that Never Grew Up

Peter Pan is known as the boy who wouldn't grow up, but he's also the copyright that won't expire thanks to a unique law in the UK.

3 Count: Unsettled Hopper

The Fox/Dish case over the Hopper DVR is unsettled, second grader earns right to sue over tshirt design and copyright troll heads to the UK.

3 Count: Zuned Out

YouTube pulls down Tory ad following copyright complaint, composer claims Fox Sports underpaid for music and Zune services finally close up shop.