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Tag: six strikes

3 Count: Oregon Trail

Oregon and Oracle trade blows in copyright infringement battle, Copyright Alert System extended four months and Australia sees drop in piracy rates.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 329 – Cubist Dilemma

We get the first stats on the six strikes system in the U.S., Led Zeppelin sued over Stairway to Heaven and Urban Outfitters removes plagiarized dress.

3 Count: 1.3 Million Strikes

Copyright Alert System sends out over 1.3m alerts, movie studios move to keep Kim Dotcom's assets frozen and Nintendo to create YouTube affiliate program.

3 Count: Bulk Unlocking

U.S. House passes bill making cell phone unlocking legal, new legislation seeks to change how songwriter royalties are determined and six strikes turns one.

3 Count: Flapped Bird

Utah court to hear Aereo arguments despite impending SCOTUS ruling, Comcast has sent over 600k copyright alerts and Flappy Bird not down due to copyright.

3 Count: Dead Lawsuit Walking

Lil Kim sued by makeup artist over single cover, UK Premier League sues pubs for illegal broadcasts and study claims three strikes systems ineffective.

3 Count: Lawsuit Trimming

Warner/Chappell seeks dismissal in Happy Birthday lawsuit, Ministry of Sound sues Spotify over playlists and Six Strikes has little impact on Pirate Bay traffic.

3 Count: Instant Gratification

Comcast to work on its own, more instant anti-piracy system, EMI and Grooveshark settle again and Aereo is the middle of Time Warner/CBS fight.

3 Count: Telenovela Drama

100s of TV streaming sites go dark, U.S. gov can keep documents related to 'six strikes' secret and a lawsuit over telenovelas is allowed to continue.

3 Count: Stern Warnings

NBC sends stern warnings to pirates outside of the six strikes system, Spain seeks to target piracy-support advertisers and sailor moon fanzine shuttered.