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YouTube, Plagiarism and a Maturing Medium

Following the Matthew Santoro plagiarism scandal, many are wondering why YouTube started caring about attribution now. The reasons are good for the site.

3 Count: Tidal Forces

TIDAL sued for alleged unpaid royalties, Radionomy sued for alleged pirate radio operation and PRS announces new anti-piracy tool.

3 Count: Perjudiced Ruling

Jay-Z wins dismissal of Big Pimpin' lawsuit, fan subtitle organization plans to take on BREIN and SoundCloud launches a radio service.

3 Count: Rdio Silence

Pandora buys assets from Rdio, plans to launch on-demand music service, Japan looks to comply with TPP and MPAA wants $10 million from MovieTube.

3 Count: Little FM on the Prairie

Pandora loses another bid to lower its royalties, Old Navy sued over similar fabric prints and Australians cook to protest the nation's copyright laws.

3 Count: Cheap Rdio

Rdio launches new, cheaper plan, Australian Parliament committee says that site blocking raises human rights issues and YouTuber sues over ContentID.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 358 – Aereo’s Ending

This week on the Copyright 2.0 Show, we look at the end of the Aereo case and the beginning of a new bill on radio royalties.

3 Count: Buttered Popcorn

Popcorn Time variants ordered blocked in the UK, Russian bill to expand protections for music to take effect and Google, Amazon and others form MIC.

3 Count: Radio Parity

Fair Play Fair Pay act proposed to equalize music royalties, HarperCollins and Amazon reach a deal and Periscope talks piracy.

3 Count: Square Deal

Square Enix hits back in its case against SNK, broadcasters want lower streaming rates and judge explains why he let Section 6 lawsuit move ahead.