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3 Count: In the Banc

Innocence of Muslims case before the 9th Circuit a 2nd time, Spanish newspapers want Google News back and isoHunt resurrects The Pirate Bay (sort of).

3 Count: Snippet Skirmish

German publishers back down over Google's snippets, hospital patient sues over viral photo and photographer has life work posted on The Pirate Bay.

3 Count: Consent Decree

European Court of Justice rules caching web pages legal, DOJ to review ASCAP/BMI consent decrees and Beastie Boys put a dollar amount to Monster.

3 Count: New Girl, Old Idea

New Girl draws a lawsuit, Playboy sues Harpers over Kate Moss photo spread and Sarah Palin's lawsuit won't be moving to Alaska any time soon.

3 Count: Portugal’s Next!

Protuguese newspapers seek payment from Google, Danish artist loses case over critical collage and CIAPC takes down Pirate Bay parody site.

3 Count: Last-Minute Changes

Germany passes new copyright bill, removes the 'Google Tax', Kim Dotcom has a setback in his extradition battle and University of Phoenix sues tutorial site.

3 Count: Quick Takedown

Maryland school district may lay claim to student's copyright, French newspapers and Google reach deal and Russian law targets slow takedowns.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 269 – Disney Horror

Kim Dotcom launches Mega, EFF files brief in Meltwater case, more newspapers lift Twitter images and horror movie filmed at Disney without permission.

3 Count: Counteroffer

French newspapers and Google fail to reach a deal, Mega is plagued with security concerns and Hadopi plans to expand despite budget cuts.

3 Count: Irish Response

Irish newspapers respond to Google News dispute, Swedish supreme court OKs revealing pirate identities and IMAGiNE leader sentenced to five years in prison.