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Guest Post: How to Obtain Music Performance Rights Licensing

This is a guest post written by Susan Fontaine Godwin at Christian Copyright Solutions. If you would like to submit a guest post to...

Copyright and the Rocky Horror Picture Show

As The Rocky Horror Picture Show heads to a reboot, what do we know about the copyright and licensing for the film and its songs?

3 Count: The Android Oracle

Oracle explains how Google's Java implementation hurt them, OKCupid data leak is shut down with a DMCA notice and Universal appeals VKontakte ruling.

3 Count: Grilling Examination

Oracle grills Android's creator on the stand, Swedish appeals court approves seizing The Pirate Bay domain and music licensor sues Ted Cruz's campaign.

3 Count: NY Turtles

The Turtles case to head before the New York Court of Appeals, VK gets in the legal music streaming business and Paramount deflects questions over Klingon.

3 Count: Textual Dealings

Justin Bieber ordered to be deposed in Somebody to Love case, Nikki Sixx and other musicians target YouTube and Textra SMS sends warnings to pirates.

3 Count: Do You Stay?

Kendrick Lamar sued over his song I Do This, European Commission clarifies some of the upcoming single market changes and can you copyright a language?

3 Count: Guidance Please

The Second Circuit asks for help on pre-1972 sound recordings, judge in Blurred Lines case denies attorneys fees and playwright sues over Barbershop movie.

3 Count: Wrongs Manager

Lawyers behind Happy Birthday case target We Shall Overcome, Facebook targets freebooting with Rights Manager and MovieSwap DVD streaming service cancelled.

3 Count: Zeppelin Trial

Led Zeppelin heading to trial in Stairway to Heaven case, appeals court overturns ruling that stopped Miss. Attorney General's Google investigation...