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3 Count: Consent Decree

European Court of Justice rules caching web pages legal, DOJ to review ASCAP/BMI consent decrees and Beastie Boys put a dollar amount to Monster.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 294 – Melting Away

AP and Meltwater settle, Viacom appeals YouTube ruling again, Hopper is upheld on appeal and much, much more!

3 Count: Settled Waters

AP and Meltwater settle their case, Viacom appeals YouTube decision a second time and Harper Lee's agent responds to allegations, sort of.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 277 – MMS Mistakes

IsoHunt loses its appeal, AP scores a big win over Meltwater, wireless carriers get MMS infringement case tossed and much more!

3 Count: Melting Away

Associated Press wins key decision over Meltwater, GoPro finds itself in a DMCA controversy and more torrent sites blocked in the UK.

3 Count: Sneak Peek

HADOPI in France looks to taget streaming sites, AP gets support in its case versus Meltwater and Comcast shows us its strikes.

3 Count: Mega Rebirth

Megaupload returns as MEGA, EFF and others file brief in Meltwater case and filmmaker shoes horror movie in Disney parks without permission.

3 Count: Melted Water

AP sues Meltwater of distribution of its articles, Marvel wins counterclaim against Ghost Rider co-creator and the Dutch want new fair use rules.