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Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 375 – Judgments and Collections

YouTube offers to help fight false takedown notices, Cox may be on the hook for piracy and Kim Dotcom's extradition hearing wraps up.

3 Count: Opened Eyes

TVEyes gets a partial reprieve from its injunctions, Foxtel plans to start trying too block sites next year and a new report looks at piracy and ads.

3 Count: Waiting for Extradition

Kim Dotcom extradition hearing wraps up, other Megaupload employee released from prison and The Pirate Bay not to be blocked in Sweden.

3 Count: All Apologies

Survivor member sues Mike Huckabee over Eye of the Tiger, Australia site blocking gets a test and Autodesk gets apology as part of a settlement.

3 Count: Aurous Fixation

Aurous sued by record labels within days of going online, TPP copyright portions are leaked and Jay Z to testify today in Big Pimpin' lawsuit.

3 Count: Heroes Retreat

Judge denies injunction against Heroes Charge, Cox Communications accuses Rightscorp of copyright infringement and Kim Dotcom extradition updates.

3 Count: Oregon Trail

Oregon and Oracle trade blows in copyright infringement battle, Copyright Alert System extended four months and Australia sees drop in piracy rates.

3 Count: Undivided Street

Australia copyright notice scheme delayed, Oracle and Rimini Street trial to be just one part and filmmaker hit with damages over unauthorized remake.

3 Count: All Dragons, No Dungeons

Dungeon & Dragons lawsuit is settled, Foxtel planning site blocking lawsuit and Beijing Olympics song accused of ripping off Frozen.

3 Count: Damage Shuffle

Judge denies new trial, shuffles damages in Blurred Lines case, Kendrick Lamar sued over use of a photo and new education campaign launched in the UK.