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3 Count: Batman v Superman v Piracy

Warner Brothers pushes back release of Batman v Superman in parts of Russia BPI asks for tougher takedown rules and France's largest Usenet provider raided.

3 Count: Cored Apple

Apple suffers defeat in ebook antitrust case, German court orders YouTube to block infringements and French magazine fined over piracy guide.

3 Count: Predictable Appeal

Attorneys for Thicke and Williams seek an appeal, France aims to step up its piracy laws and copyright-claiming apt complex slammed with bad reviews.

3 Count: Genuine Improvements

Apple emerges victorious in iTunes DRM case, broadcasters try to halt sale of Aereo assets and U.S. artist accused of ripping off a French advertisement.

3 Count: Sins of the Father

Appeals court upholds ruling against music-playing restaurant, NMPA releases first revenue figures and music site Dilandau faces possible legal action.

3 Count: Novel Argument

Warner/Chappell responds to Happy Birthday lawsuit, EU mull copyright levies on cloud services and record labels target Irish ISPs again.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 309 – Hot Settlement

MPAA and Hotfile settle, French court orders search engines to delist sites and postal service sued over statue of liberty stamp.

3 Count: French Disappearance

Paris Court orders search engines to remove 16 pirate sites, Spike Lee in a tussle over posters for Oldboy and FilesTube hits 10 million Google DMCA notices.

3 Count: Lawsuit Trimming

Warner/Chappell seeks dismissal in Happy Birthday lawsuit, Ministry of Sound sues Spotify over playlists and Six Strikes has little impact on Pirate Bay traffic.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 291 – Disconnect Defanging

France stops disconnecting suspected pirates, a fan subtitle site is shuttered in Sweden and the Prenda drama gets even more strange...