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Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 321 – MP3Tuned

Former MP3Tunes head ordered to pay $41 million, Frozen trailer draws lawsuit and UK legalizes CD ripping plus much, much more!

3 Count: Algernon’s Flowers

Copyright holders speak before the House Judiciary Committee, UK porn filters may also filter file sharing sites and copyright glitch cancels high school play.

3 Count: IsoHunted

IsoHunt loses its appeal and must maintain filters, Emma Thompson wins a lawsuit over her screenplay 'Effie" and judge reaffirms Warner owns Superman.

Eps 220 – Not Groovy

Grooveshark emails come to light, EU says you can't force ISPs to filter infringements, 200 labels leave Spotify and a copyright PSAs to air.

3 Count: Copyright MD

The latest news on ISP filtering in the EU, doctors using copyright to silence negative reviews and a New Zealand MP accused of being a pirate.

How to Ensure Email Delivery of Important Notices

Though you can't guarantee your email will always get there, you can certainly maximize the chances, especially useful when sending critical notices.

Should You Send a DMCA Notice Via a Comment Form?

After a Spanish rights society attempted to send a notice via a blog's comment form, a new debate has been kicked off on the topic.

3 Count: Sweeping Reform

Got any suggestions for the 3 Count. Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Leaked UK government Plan to Create "Pirate Finder General" with Power...

Elaine Scott’s Copyright Folly

Elaine Scott is suing Scribd. However, her copyright folly could make it harder for you to protect your own work in the future.