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WHOIS Privacy, Security and Copyright Enforcement

A recent proposal by ICANN aims to protect the WHOIS database from prying eyes. But there are serious problems with WHOIS privacy.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 258 – Diigo Down

With Diigo down, we had to improvise a bit this episode but still got to cover the latest on New Zealand three strikes and more!

3 Count: Time Warp

The time zone database is safe, for now, Denmark ISP must block Grooveshark and Steve Job's 30th birthday video causes a copyright problem.

Distil: The Anti-Scraping Content Protection Network

Distil is a new company promising to combat scraping while improving your site's performance. But how well does it work?

3 Count: Vegas Odds

SOPA gets some tweaks, doesn't please critics, Righthaven may have copyrights auctioned off and MGA wins one of its Bratz-related lawsuits.

DNS, SOPA, Content Blocking and More

With all of the talk about the Stop Online Piracy Act, it's important to take a look at the tech behind site blocking and how it might work if passed.

The Image/File Hosting Problem

There are times where content that appears to be on one server is really elsewhere. Here's how to overcome that problem.

Quarkbase: Almost Everything About a Website

Hot on the heels of my review of AbouThiSite, we now take a look at a new service that promises to improve the way you get information about a site and fix many of the issues from the former review.

AbouThiSite: Smart Weasel, Useless Data

Mashup site, AbouThiSite, attempts to make the process of getting the information you need about a domain easier than ever, but does it provide the needed tools for us to get by?

WhoIsHostingThis: Easy and Reliable

Recent improvements at WhoIsHostingThis promise to make it the go-to resource for finding the host of a site. But are the improvements good enough?