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3 Count: Deadmau5 Trap

Deadmau5 has a copyright spat on Twitter, Swedish ISP deletes IP logs to block copyright complaints and Google Fiber struggles with video sign ups.

3 Count: Made Available

Ex-studio work pled guilty to leaking The Revenant, US Copyright Office rules on making available and YouTube promises to improve its copyright policies.

3 Count: Guitar Zero

Artista networks countersues Cisco over copyright abuse, Regal Cinemas order to stop seeking exclusive film deals and YouTuber gets creative with ContentID.

3 Count: Cheap Rdio

Rdio launches new, cheaper plan, Australian Parliament committee says that site blocking raises human rights issues and YouTuber sues over ContentID.

3 Count: Cloned Sharks

Grooveshark reemerges, at least in name, Dallas Buyers Club wins legal fees in ISP battle and Twitch announces copyright appeal process.

Nintendo’s Copyright Blunder

Nintendo's targeting of YouTubers has left a bad taste in the mouths of many, including many of the company's biggest fans.

3 Count: Popping Corn

Microsoft and Getty settle their dispute, Popcorn Time heading to iOS and Rand Paul's presidential announcement removed over copyright claim.

3 Count: $1 Billion Question

YouTube hits $1 billion in ContentID payouts, Aereo to face TV broadcasters in court and Microsoft sends some false DMCA notices.

3 Count: Dark Horse

SoundCloud offers Universal Music easy access to remove infringements, Kim Dotcom's passwords to stay in New Zealand and Katy Perry sued over Dark Horse.

3 Count Special: 3 Stories I Missed

Getting caught up after two weeks away can always be tough, so here's a quick rundown of what I missed while I was gone and what my thoughts are on it.