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3 Count: Spotty Coverage

Spotify's been operating without a long-term contract from any major label, CloudFlare sued for copyright infringement and Singapore looks at VPNs.

3 Count: Pot and Kettle

Time Warner Cable accuses Netflix of discrimination, Canada denies US total acces to Megaupload servers and Japan's new law sees no arrests.

Review: ScrapeShield by Cloudflare

Earlier this year, CloudFlare introduces Scrapeshield, a tool to track scraping, but how well does it work? It depends on what you're trying to do.

DMCA Tip: Getting Around CloudFlare’s Network

Working with Cloudfare, the largest CDN of its kind, can be a bit difficult but there is a workaround that can help eliminate many of the challenges.

Distil: The Anti-Scraping Content Protection Network

Distil is a new company promising to combat scraping while improving your site's performance. But how well does it work?

5 Changes Making Content Tracking More Difficult

Though the Web is a more open place than it was a few years ago and content tracking tools are, generally, better, there are still some new headaches to be found.

Why Finding the Host of a Site is Getting Much Harder

Cloudflare represents a major change in the way sites are being hosted. A change every person who reports abuse needs to be aware of.